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Water Symposium in Tamera

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Dear friends from Ecovillages worldwide,

I want to inform you about our Third Water Symposium in Tamera.
Water is a topic for everybody on this planet - and for sure for every ecovillage. Many ecovillages face severe challenges like salizination of ground water, treatment of sewage water, clean drinking water, and water for agriculture. Other challenges are the privatization of water, big dams and laws that in many cases support rather industry and centralization than decentralized models.
And many ecovillage have worked on regional solutions, sometimes they created model solutions that can and should be shared with others to help each others.
For this we organize this Water Symposium. Read more below. And please spread this information to all those who may be interested.

Leila Dregger, Tamera

"Renewing Water Cycles, Healing the Earth, Learning from Water”

3rd  International Water Symposium, Tamera, Portugal June 6th -9th, 2013

"Water, energy and food are freely available for all of humankind, if we don´t follow the laws of capital but the logic of nature." (Dieter Duhm)


Introduction to Eco-village Design, Deep Ecology, Community Building & Permaculture

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October 17th – 31st @ The Panya Project Chiang Mai

This workshop will cover all aspects of Eco-village design & the fundamentals of Deep Ecology, Community Building & Permaculture using interactive participatory action learning. Based on the belief that every body has a piece of the truth inside of them. Participatory, interactive teaching methods are designed to empower through experiential learning & reflection. Our aim is to create a supportive learning community for the duration of the workshop, where trust, love, compassion, support & connection is built among participants. 

Eco-village design / Deep Ecology:

Our community will spend time on the four key elements of Eco-village design.  

Social -  New relations in community that bring happiness; Building community & embracing diversity.

World-view -  New ways of looking at the universe; listening to & reconnecting with nature.

Ecological - Design an eco-village & practice basic principles & skills.

Economics - Right livelihood in communities, shifting the global economy towards sustainability.

There will be a series of sessions throughout the workshop designed to heal & connect with our inner self & nature. There will be visioning sessions that will be conducted in the beautiful forest next to the Panya project. These sessions will be led by Om an experienced & powerful facilitator who has studied & been inspired by the work of Joanna Macy. 


Towards a New Culture - Rumo a uma nova cultura

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Towards a New Culture - Rumo a uma nova cultura

Tamera at Rio+20

In times of an approaching breakdown of the big political and economic systems, a perspective for a future worth living is more crucial than ever before. The contribution we would like to make to Rio+20 and the People's Summit is a presentation of the Tamera Peace Research Center in Portugal, which for more than thirty years has researched towards a comprehensive model for a future society free of fear, violence and oppression. In these years or research much knowledge has been gained and interconnected in many aspects  - water, food, energy, healing, social life etc. - and tested under real life conditions.
During the time in Rio we will host an own booth at "Future Territories" of the People's Summit (Aterro do Flamengo) where people can visit us continuously.
We are looking forward to meet you in Rio!

Martin Winiecki and Monika Berghoff
Institute for Global Peace Work, Tamera

"In its actions and words, the Tamera Peace Research Centre has demonstrated an impressive dedication to an inspiring vision that seeks to address urgent problems of the day, ranging from dilemmas of ordinary life to awesome questions of decent survival. Daunting tasks, but unless seriously undertaken the future may be grim."
Noam Chomsky


Tamera is Semi-Finalist of the 2012 Buckminster Fuller Challenge

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Water Retention Landscapes as an Answer to Desertification and Globalization - Tamera is Semi-Finalist of the 2012 Buckminster Fuller Challenge

Tamera Ecovillage Tamera Ecovillage

Dear GEN Friends,

tomorrow, on 22nd of March, the world celebrates the International Day of Water.

Some facts:

In September 2010, the UN has made water to a human right.

Still more than 1 billion people have no access to sufficient clean drinking water.

1,8 million children die every year because of diseases caused by unsufficient drinking water.

For making space for the 45.000 large dams worldwide 40 to 60 million people have lost their homes.

However there are good news, there are alternatives and models for a natural and decentralized water management which show how to overcome the worldwide water crisis. Water itself shows us the way how to make a change.


İmece Evi Doğal Yaşam ve Ekolojik Çözümler Çiftliği (Solidarity Home)

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İmece Evi Doğal Yaşam ve Ekolojik Çözümler Çiftliği (Solidarity Home)

İmece Evi - TürkiyeWelcome to İmece Evi! (Solidarity Home) İmece Evi started its “Ecologic Village” project on Kazdağı (İda Mountains) in 2007 based on the rules of ecology and intercultural peace and built on his claim of “Another World is Possible”. Until 2010 it gained a lot of experience in its rental premisses by the coast. Starting with 2011, İmece Evi has been moving to its own land on the mountain Dumanlı. (İzmir-Menemen,Turgutlar village) It is now a self-contained organisation which, by the help of its implementations and ecologic solutions, has already proved that “a life in harmony with nature” is possible, and its expenses on the things provided by the external resources gradually get less. All experiences gained through the time has been shared with the participants all over the world, and as of 2011 Natural Agriculture Method by Fukuoka-san has been given the priority to be used in its own lands while the philosophy and the results are debated with the volunteers. Permaculture, Biodynamic Applications and Traditional Culture have always been considered in all applications, and the experiences gained have always been shared with the participants.

Address: Kazdağı Güzelköy Ayvacık Çanakkale

Phone: (552) 414-2363

Web: http://www.imeceevi.org/

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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