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Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How

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Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and HowAnti-Tech Revolution: Why and How Paperback – August 31, 2016

by Theodore John Kaczynski

There are many people today who see that modern society is heading toward disaster in one form or another, and who moreover recognize technology as the common thread linking the principal dangers that hang over us... The purpose of this book is to show people how to begin thinking in practical, grand-strategic terms about what must be done in order to get our society off the road to destruction that it is now on." —from the Preface.

Publisher's Description:

A comprehensive historical analysis explaining the futility of social control and the catastrophic influence of technological growth on human social and planetary ecological systems. Distilled from the critical socio-historical analysis is the author's own theoretical framework for effecting meaningful and lasting change.

Note: Theodore John Kaczynski does not receive any remuneration for this book.

EUROPEAN READERS: Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How is published in Europe by Soregra Editores, and is available for purchase on most European Amazon sites including www.amazon.co.uk.

SOUTH AMERICAN READERS: Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How is published in South America by Publit, and is available for purchase online at http://www.publit.com.br/.


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