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Resilience 2011

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March 11-16, 2011, Arizona State University

Resilience 2011

Welcome to the Conference Website for Resilience 2011, a conference that will bring together scientists from a broad spectrum of disciplinary backgrounds who are interested in the major science and policy challenges that face us all as a result of global change. The conference is organized around intellectual themes that aim to integrate knowledge from multiple perspectives. 

This website will provide all t he necessary information you need to register for the conference, submit your abstract, find accomodation, plan social events and field trips and find your way around the conference venue. 


The Conference Team.


Green Age Symposium

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Green Age Symposium Green Age Symposium

Green Age is so far the most important period that has witnessed a significant development in environmental consciousness. In this era of transformation, concerns over climate change, carbon emmissions and energy efficiency highlight the involvement of all stakeholders that play an essential role in ecological planning, architecture and design. The main focus of the symposium is to reduce the human footprint via design that minimizes pollution and consumption and to spread the ecological consciousness throughout the whole society.   

In this regard, MSFAU Facult y of Architecture adopts an innovative mission in scientific, academic, technological and research fields by taking the responsability of further promotion and development of the topic.

The symposium that will be held on December 6,7,8, 2010 aims to raise consciousness by highlighting green ecological solutions in various scales; from built environment to natural environment, from society to individual. Therefore the new step is recognized as GREEN AGE.

Green Age Symposium














EcoFarm Conference

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EcoFarm Conference January 26 - 29, 2011
Asilomar in Pacific Grove, California
Animal - Mineral - Vegetable - e-Lectrical!

Art by: Sarah Rabkin 

Welcome to the 31st Annual Ecological Farming Conference – Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, e-Lectrical! This conference has been connecting all of the elements of farming and natural foods into a cohesive whole for 31 years. This year we celebrate the fact that a holistic, ecological view of food and farming is driving a national conversation about personal, public and environmental health. 

Conference - At - A - Glance

Advertise in the EcoFarm Program (deadline Jan 3, 2011)

We are @Eco_Farm and we are e-Lectrical!

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter! @Eco_Farm will be sending out EcoFarm Conference updates before and during the Conference. Use or search #EFC11 on Twitter to join or follow the conversation.  

EcoFarm New Media Center

Sick of reading #gibberish? Wondering where all the @ signs came from? Wondering about the “e-Lectrical” part of the theme?


VI. International Symposium on Ecology and Environmental Problems

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Humboldt-Kolleg, 2011-Antalya


VI. International Symposium on
Ecology and Environmental Problems

VI. Internationales Symposium zu Ökologie und Umweltproblems

VI. Uluslararası Ekoloji ve Çevre Sorunları Sempozyumu
 17-20 November 2011, Antalya/Turkey

International Symposium on Ecology and Environmental Problems

Mankind, especially within the last hundred years, has been in formidable conflict with his environment. This conflict has been one of the most influential factors on planet Earth, mainly because the human species has always given the first priority to his own interests without giving much regard to the needs of other living things on Earth, where he has to share his environment. Such an approach of the human species created unrepairable and multidimensional problems on our environment. These problems, which have been significantly increasing since the beginning of the last century, are the major concern for all of us, both at the local and global scales.

Turkey LogoSuppose we consider two hundred thousand years of human existence on planet Earth as 24 hours; then, the last 25 seconds of this time interval could correspond approximately to the last 50 years. All the scientific evidences indicate that the destruction caused by human species within the last 25 seconds (i.e., 50 years) is more than 98 % of the destruction caused within the past 23 hours and 59 seconds (i.e., 199.950 years). That is why this colloquium is planned to be held in Antalya between November 17 and November 20, 2011, bringing together the Humboldt Scholarship holders and other scientists concerned with ecology and environment to discuss the related problems and possible solutions.

Being a Humboldt scholarship holder is a privilege in many ways. During this Humboldt Colloquium which is titled “VI. International Symposium on Ecology and Environmental Problems”, studies of scientists related with problems on ecology and environment will be discussed and evaluated. Humboldt scholarship holders as well as other prominent researchers who are concerned with ecology and environment are cordially invited to the symposium. 

Organizing Committee


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