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CAPITALISM NATURE SOCIALISM - A Journal of Socialist Ecology

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CAPITALISM NATURE SOCIALISM - A Journal of Socialist Ecology

A Journal of Socialist Ecology

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CAPITALISM NATURE SOCIALISM - A Journal of Socialist EcologyCapitalism Nature Socialism is an international red-green journal of theory and politics, published by the Center for Political Ecology (CPE), in cooperation with Taylor and Francis Group.

Key themes are the dialectics of human and natural history; labor and land; workplace struggles and community struggles; economics and ecology; and the politics of ecology and ecology of politics. The journal is especially concerned to join (and relate) discourses on labor, ecology, feminist and community movements; and on radical democracy and human rights.

As a journal of theory and politics, CNS's first aim is to help build a critical red-green intellectual culture, which we regard as essential for the development of a red-green politics. To this end, we have helped to establish sister journals in Italy, Spain, and France and we collaborate with like-minded publications, scholars, and activists in Germany, the UK, Brazil, Mexico, India, and many other countries and regions.


Cultural and Political Ecology Newsletter

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Cultural and Political Ecology Newsletter 

Click Here for the Latest Issue, CAPEN #55, Spring 2010 

if you are interested please contact

Tony Abbott (Editor ex officio)

Tel: (386) 822-7008. Fax: (386) 822-7328. Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

The newsletter has been published and sent to members of the Cultural and Political Ecology Specialty Group (formerly the Cultural Ecology Specialty Group) for three decades. Past editors include William Doolittle (1980-1986), Donald Ballas (1986-1988), Philip Porter (1988), Kent Mathewson (1989-1994), Robert Kuhlken (1994-1998), Simon Batterbury (1998-2004), Eric Perramond (2004-2005), and Tony Abbott (2005-2010). Since 1996 the newsletter has been available online, the last print edition released in 1999. All back issues of the newsletter are available. Back issues of the online editions can be found below, and PDF files of printed issues can be found in the archive section. Please send any contributions for the newsletter to the editor. 

Back Issues 


CAPEN #54, Fall 2009


CAPEN #53, Spring 2009

CAPEN #52, Fall 2008

CAPEN #51, Spring 2008

CAPEN #50, Fall 2007

CPEN # 49, Spring 2007

CPEN#48, Fall 2006

CPEN#47, Spring 2006

CPEN#46, Fall 2005

CPEN#45, Spring 2005

CPEN#44, Fall 2004

CEN #43, Spring 2004

CEN #42, Fall 2003

CEN #41, Spring 2003

CEN #40, Fall 2002

CEN #39, Spring 2002

CEN #38, Fall 2001

CEN #37, Spring 2001

CEN #36, Fall 2000

CEN #35, Spring 2000

CEN #34, Fall'99

CEN #33, Spring'99

CEN #32, Fall'98

CEN #31, Spring'98

CEN #30, Fall'97

CEN #29, Spring'97

CEN #28, Fall'96

CEN #27, Spring'96


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