Drinking water quality changes made in Florida


Drink waterChanges to the way drinking water quality is maintained are set to be made across one county in Florida, it has been revealed.

Pinellas County commissioners have decided that the local authority will remove fluoride from supplies of public water, as concerns grow over its effects on human beings.

Action groups have been campaigning for the removal of the chemical, after highlighting the potentially damaging impact it can have on children in particular.

However, other groups such as the American Dental Association have slammed the decision, suggesting that the addition of fluoride to drinking water helps reduce tooth cavities.

 Up to 700,000 people across the county are expected to be affected by the alterations.

Largo mayor Pat Gerard told TampaBay.com that the committee's decision was "embarrassing and short-sighted".

According to a recent study by the London Science Museum, the majority of Britons would choose to sacrifice safe and clean drinking water before they gave up on their internet connections.