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The 3rd Guangzhou International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition 2011

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The 3rd Guangzhou International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition 2011

The 3rd Guangzhou International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition 2011 

Show Dates: August 11th - 13th, 2011 

Exhibition Venue: China Import & Export Fair Pazhou Complex (No. 382 Juejiang Zhong Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, China) 

Exhibitor's Move in: August 9th - 10th, 2011 

Exhibitor's Move out: August 13th, 2011 14:00-18:00


Mesothelioma Life Expectancy

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Mesothelioma Life Expectancy

Currently no cure for mesothelioma exists and the American Cancer Society explains that patients generally have a short average life expectancy of four to 18 months after diagnosis. Only 10% of mesothelioma patients survive more than five years after initial diagnosis. Since its recognition as a lethal form of cancer that develops after asbestos exposure, doctors and scientists have struggled to identify a course of treatment that can improve the prognosis for patients today.

Nevertheless, efforts today still generally focus on prolonging the overall quality of life and life expectancy of these patients instead of finding a cure. Among these treatments are experimental and alternative therapies meant to relieve symptoms and improve a patient’s ability to lead a normal life.

Factors that Affect Life Expectancy

Malignant mesothelioma, like other cancers, is described in four stages. Early detection has proven significant in leading to prolonged life expectancy.



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Fossil fuels (oil, coal, and natural gas) currently provide about 85% of all the energy use in the US. These resources are being constantly depleted and can't be replaced within any practical time span. How long exactly would these resources last? The remaining amount of a particular resource is often characterized by so-called Reserves-to-Production ratio (R/P).

In a plain language, R/P basically gives us the length of time the reserves would last if its usage continues at the current rate. Here are estimated world total reserves-to-production ratios for the main conventional fuels: oil - 45 years, natural gas - 62 years, coal – 119 years.

Aside from being finite, energy production from fossil fuels results in by-products of combustion, or emissions. These emissions affect the environment and may be causing the climate change. In contrast, renewable energy (RE) resources, as the name implies, are constantly replenished naturally and will never be exhausted. Their use generally has a much lower environmental impact than that of conventional fuels, which is why the technologies that utilize them are often called "green". In addition, RE can boost US energy security by reducing our dependence on the imports. All these factors, coupled with the government incentives and mandates, result in growing public interest in using renewable sources of energy. While many green technologies are large-scale, most of them are also suited to private homes, especially in rural areas. This website provides quick reference information for using alternative power at home.



Ecology, Peace and Spiritualities of Nature in Indigenous and New Japanese Religions

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Engaged Shinto? Ecology, Peace and Spiritualities of Nature in 

Indigenous and New Japanese Religions 

by John Clammer*


Shinto and Ecology

The Japanese scholar of religion Sonoda Minoru has described Shinto as “the ritual means by which early Japanese transformed their natural surroundings into a cultural landscape infused with religious and historical meaning” (Sonoda 2000:32).


Nilüfer çiçeğiThis self-conscious positioning of Shinto as an ecologically sensitive religion does indeed have its basis in the characteristics of the religion. Japanese society in general has a relational view of the self – as being not a unique and individualistic essence, but as being the outcome of many forces, relationships and circumstances that shape any particular identity which is in itself dynamic and impermanent. This idea, which arises largely from Buddhism, is shared by Shinto which has as a central notion the permeability of identity. Thus the boundary between human and “nature” is not fixed – animals can be transformed into humans or humans into animals and humans certainly have the potentiality to become kami or gods/spirits. Kami themselves need not be “animate” in the usual Western sense, as in Shinto there are no “inanimate” entities – thunder can be a kami (naru kami or “sounding kami”), as can foxes, or trees, especially large and conspicuous ones, waterfalls and certainly mountains, of which Mount Fuji is only the largest and best known example. Fertility cults are also common as evidenced by the phallic symbols and festivals that occur at a number of well-known shrines.


Green pilgrim cities

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Green pilgrim cities


The vision is of pilgrims on all continents and the pilgrim cities that receive them, leaving a positive footprint on the Earth.

Download the Green Pilgrim Cities leaflet HERE (File size 6.2 MB) 

The Network will inspire Pilgrims to:

  • prepare mindfully for their pilgrimage... 
  • walk lightly and travel responsibly in the spirit of their faith... 
  • choose sustainable tourist agencies... 
  • eat and drink sustainably and ethically... 
  • minimise their waste and water use... 
  • dispose of their rubbish... and pick up after others... 
  • support a fund to green the city they are visiting... 
  • help local people in ecologically sensitive activities... 
  • share the art of green pilgrimage with the people they meet on the way...
  • bring greener ideas for living home with them...

International Water Symposium 2011 in Tamera

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International Water Symposium 2011 in Tamera

(on invitation only)

Water resourcesTowards new strategies for bringing the flow of water back into balance globally, to prevent desertification and build regional self-sufficiency in the areas of water, nutrition and energy 
An invitation to experts in the field, decision makers and influencial leaders from Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil, Portugal, Russia and Israel-Palestine

August 12th (9 am) -August  14th (2 pm) 2011 in Tamera, Portugal
(Arrival on 11th August - departure on 14th or 15th August)

With Sepp Holzer, Austria and Bernd Walter Müller, Portugal  

The global food shortage, water crisis, desertification, global floods and large fires are not "natural disasters", but rather human created catastrophes, results of a wrong water management. The ecological and technical knowledge to provide all human beings on earth with high-quality drinking water, with sufficient and nutritious food, and sustainable energy already exists.


Murray Bookchin

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Murray BookchinMurray Bookchin (January 14, 1921 – July 30, 2006)[5] was an American libertarian socialist author, orator, and philosopher. A pioneer in the ecology movement,[6] Bookchin was the founder of the social ecology movement within anarchist, libertarian socialist and ecological thought. He was the author of two dozen books on politics, philosophy, history, and urban affairs as well as ecology. In the late 1990s he became disenchanted with political Anarchism and founded his own libertarian socialist ideology called Communalism.[7]

Bookchin was an anti-capitalist and vocal advocate of the decentralisation of society along ecological and democratic lines. His writings on libertarian municipalism, a theory of face-to-face, assembly democracy, had an influence on the Green movement and anti-capitalist direct action groups such as Reclaim the Streets.

Life and writings

Bookchin was born in New York City to the Russian Jewish immigrants[8] Nathan Bookchin and Rose (Kaluskaya) Bookchin. He grew up in the Bronx, where his grandmother, Zeitel, a Socialist Revolutionary, imbued him with Russian populist ideas. After her death in 1930, he joined the Young Pioneers, the Communist youth organization (for children 9 to 14) [9] and the Young Communist League (for older children) in 1935. He attended the Workers School near Union Square, where he studied Marxism. In the late 1930s he broke with Stalinism and gravitated toward Trotskyism, joining the Socialist Workers Party. In the early 1940s he worked in a foundry in Bayonne, New Jersey where he was an organizer and shop steward for the United Electrical Workers as well as a recruiter for the SWP. Within the SWP he adhered to the Goldman-Morrow faction, which broke away after the war ended. He was an auto-worker and UAW member at the time of the great General Motors strike of 1945-46. With the failure of the proletariat to fulfil the revolutionary role in which Marxism had cast it, Bookchin realized that the working class was not a revolutionary force and broke with Marxism-Leninism.



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CONCERTO initiative


“The CONCERTO initiative, launched by the European Commission , is a Europe wide initiative proactively addressing the challenges of creating a more sustainable future for Europe’s energy needs. Today, there are a total of 58 communities in 22 projects, each working to deliver the highest possible level of self-supply of energy. CONCERTO is part of the framework research programme supervised by the DG Energy and Transport of the European Commission.


CONCERTO supports local communities, as clearly defined geographical areas or zones, in developing and demonstrating concrete strategies and actions that are both sustainable and highly energy efficient. Interactions and relevant energy flows between centralised and decentralised energy supplies and demands can be identified, measured and assessed.

The CONCERTO initiative has been only possible as a result of the strong commitment from the relevant, local authorities and includes technical experts, academics, and private companies from across Europe.


Renewable Energy Links

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Renewable Energy Links

Local (Colorado)

Renewable EnergyCarbondalegov.org Information about Carbondale, Colorado.

ColoradoEnergy.org A clearinghouse of information on energy efficiency and renewable energy efforts in Colorado.

Lifetimesolarcolorado.com Lifetime Solar Solutions is a company started by Lifetime Windows & Siding, a well established Colorado business with top ratings from the BBB, Yelp and Angie’s List.

The Canary Initiative The City of Aspen, Colorado's plan to aggressively begin reducing global warming pollution.


Adventures of an Energy Nerd Weekly weirdness of the life of an energy efficiency nerd.

Solar Fred's solarpowerrocks.com Solar Power Rocks! Find out out to use solar energy to power your home, your business, your life with Solar Energy International alum Tor Valenza, aka Solar Fred.

Social Networks

Solar Energy International on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube

Residential Wind Turbines
is where industry professionals come together to share ideas, experiences and their expertise about wind power as a clean renewable source of energy.


California Energy Commission (CEC) The primary energy policy and planning agency for California.

Consumer Energy Center Providing CA consumers information on renewable energy and fuel alternatives, as well as tips on energy conservation.

DOE Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (EERE) U.S. Department of Energy portal for information on renewable energy.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) The DOE's principal U.S. laboratory for renewable energy research and development.

SANDIA National Labs PV-specific site including good system and component level information from SANDIA's Photovoltaic Systems Program.

United Nations Energy & Environment Program The UNDP helps countries strengthen their capacity to address environmental challenges at global, national and community levels.

Associations, Institutes & Nonprofit Organizations

Adobe Alliance A nonprofit group dedicated to helping communities apply cooperative building techniques in earth architecture.

Alliance to Save Energy (ASE)
Group promoting energy efficiency worldwide to achieve a healthier economy, a cleaner environment, and greater energy security.

Alternative Energy Institute (AEI)
A major information resource of wind energy for Texas.

American Council for an Energy
Efficient Economy (ACEEE) Nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing energy efficiency as a means of promoting both economic prosperity and environmental protection.

American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE)
Non-profit organization in Washington D.C. focused on accelerating the adoption of renewable energy technologies into the mainstream of American society.

American Hydrogen Association (AHA)
Organization providing information on the use of hydrogen as a fuel.

American Solar Energy Society (ASES)
National organization dedicated to advancing the widespread use of solar energy.

American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) National organization advocating the development of wind energy as a reliable, environmentally superior energy alternative.

Arizona Solar Center (AZSC) Nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote the use and utilization of solar energy.

Boston Area Solar Energy Association (BASEA) Fostering the design and use of solar and sustainable energy technologies through education, advocacy and the demonstration of practical, cost effective techniques.

British Wind Energy Association (BWEA) Promoting the use of wind power in and around the UK, both onshore and offshore.

Buckminster Fuller Institute (BFI) Institute committed to a successful and sustainable future for 100% of humanity.

California Solar Center (CSC) Designed to be a prime source of information on solar energy activity in CA.

Canadian Association for Renewable Energies (WeCARE) National Canadian association advocating the use of renewable energies.

Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA)
Nonprofit trade association promoting the appropriate development and application of wind energy in Canada.

Center for Alternative Technology (CAT)
European eco-center offering practical solutions to environmental problems.

Center for Renewable Energy & Sustainable Technology (CREST)
National organization supporting the advancement of renewable energy technology through policy research.

Centro de Estudios de la Energ?a Solar (Censolar-Spain) Solar energy training center.

Clean Power Campaign Nonprofit organization of environmental and public interest groups, and renewable energy providers to promote increased electric system reliance on sustainable use of energy resources.

Coalition for New Energy Technologies
Coalition working at the federal and state levels to advance renewable energy and efficiency technologies in AZ, CO, NM, and UT.

Colorado Strawbale Association

Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association (COSEIA) Promotes the use of solar energy and conservation to improve the environment and create a sustainable future.

Community Office for Resource Efficiency (CORE) Non-profit organization that promotes renewable energy and energy efficiency in western Colorado and beyond.

Cooperative Community Energy (CCEnergy)
A buyer’s cooperative providing quality renewable energy equipment and services.

The Dharma House
An organization in the south of France that runs various courses in solar energy and ecology.

Development Center for Appropriate Technology (DCAT) Center working to enhance the health of the planet by promoting a shift to sustainable construction and development through leadership, strategic relationships, and education.

Earth Energy Society of Canada (EESC)
Society incorporated to represent and promote earth energy technology as a viable economic and environmental option in Canada's energy scenario.

Ecological Building Network

EcoNet Organization bringing advanced communications technologies to grassroots organizations worldwide.

Eco Soul Home of the National Fuel Cell Education Program, focusing particularly on renewable hydrogen and fuel cells.

El Paso Solar Energy Association (EPSEA)
Association providing practical information on solar energy and energy efficiency, focusing on issues relating to the US Southwest.

Electric Auto Association (EAA) A source of information on the current state of electric vehicle technology worldwide.

Energy Efficient Building Association (EEBA)
Association dedicated to helping transform the residential design, development and construction industries to profitably deliver energy efficiency and environmentally responsible buildings and communities.

Find Your Genius Training resource website for safety and other useful topics

Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC)
Research institute of the University of Central Florida focused on renewable energy and energy efficiency research, training, testing, and certification.

Future Energies U.K. web log hosting articles and discussions on various energy related issues.

Geiger Research Institute of Sustainable Building
Promoting natural building, and sustainable design and development through research, training, education and consulting services.

Green LA Group of environmental programs run by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power committed to supporting and embracing environmental efforts towards a sustainable future.

Hollowtop's Sustainable Living Skills Provides links and information on sustainable living skills.

International Energy Foundation (IEF)
Organization to facilitate the transfer of research and technology in all areas of energy with special emphasis on developing countries.

International Solar Center Berlin
General information and links to international resources on renewable energy.

Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) Council with a mission to accelerate the sustainable utilization of renewable energy sources and technologies in and through state and local government and community activities.

Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) Nonprofit network for sharing ideas, resources, and information to promote a sustainable future through renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Narrow Ridge Earth Literacy Center
Organization with a mission to provide experiential learning of Earth Literacy based on the cornerstones of spirituality, sustainability and community.

National Biodiesel Board (NBB)
National trade association representing the biodiesel industry as the coordinating body for research and development in the U.S.

New Mexico Solar Energy Association (NMSEA) An educational nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting solar energy and related sustainable practices.

North Carolina Solar Center (NCSC) A clearinghouse for solar and other renewable energy programs, information, research, technical assistance, and training for the citizens of North Carolina and beyond.

North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association (NCSEA) Association participating in creating a sustainable energy future in North Carolina through the promotion of renewable energy technologies.

Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) Leading regional membership organization focused on promoting the understanding, development, and adoption of renewable energy technologies.

Oregon Solar Energy Industries Association (OSEIA) Dedicated to promoting the benefits of renewable energy and to developing a strong local renewable energy industry in Oregon.

Potomac Region Solar Energy Association (PRSEA)
Works to further the development, use of, and support for solar energy and related arts, sciences, and technologies.

REED program at Green Mountain College GMC has partnered with SEI as a cutting-edge practitioner in the field of renewable energy and design/build.

Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) National trade organization for the U.S. ethanol fuel industry.

Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) An entrepreneurial nonprofit organization that fosters the efficient and restorative use of natural, human and other capital to make the world more secure, just, prosperous, and life sustaining.

Rural Renewable Energy Alliance
RREAL delivers solar heat to low-income families on public energy assistance, making solar energy accessible to people of all income levels.

SociallyResponsible.org Comprehensive internet directory to help socially responsible people and businesses network.

Solar Cooking Archive Collection of resources on solar cooking sponsored by Solar Cookers International.

Solar Living Institute (SLI)
Nonprofit educational organization that promotes sustainable living through inspirational environmental education.

Sustainable Settings
An entrepreneurial non-profit organization that inspires people and communities to embrace integrated solutions for sustainable development.

Texas Solar Energy Society (TXSES)
Group dedicated to increasing the awareness of the potential of solar and other renewable energy applications and to promote the wise use of these sustainable resources.

Veggie Van Website Organization promoting and providing information on the use of biodiesel fuel, with a mission to transform America into an energy independent nation.

World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE) Globally operated independent organization established to defend, develop, and promote policies in favor of the wise and prudent use all forms of natural and renewable energy.

Worldwatch Institute
Independent research group for an environmentally sustainable and socially just society.

Rural Development Organizations

Builders without Borders International network of ecological builders working together for a sustainable future.

Cubasolar A Cuban NGO promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Enersol Nonprofit charitable organization developing and introducing sustainable energy solutions for rural communities.

Engineering for Developing Communities (EDC)
University of Colorado program to educate globally responsible students who can offer sustainable and appropriate solutions to the endemic problems faced by developing communities worldwide.

Engineers without Borders Nonprofit organization established to help developing areas worldwide with their engineering needs, while involving and training a new kind of internationally responsible engineering student.

Green Empowerment
Nonprofit international development organization promoting community-based renewable energy projects internationally to generate social and environmental progress.

Greenstar.org Site delivering solar power, health, education, and environmental programs to small villages in the developing world.

Grupo Fenix A cooperative network of engineers and local community people who share a common passion for developing solar and renewable energy technologies in Nicaragua.

Himalayan Light Foundation (HLF)
NGO working in Nepal to improve the quality of life in the Himalayan region via the use of environmentally friendly renewable energy technologies.

Knightsbridge International (KBI)
Not for Profit Corporation dedicated to providing humanitarian assistance and disaster relief worldwide without regard to race, religion or national origin.

Native Energy Organization committed to helping develop domestic renewable energy sources, featuring Native American projects.

Palang Thai Thailand-based non-profit organization dedicated to empowering grassroots communities and small entrepreneurs to use renewable energy in ways that support sustainable development and participatory democracy.

Plenty International A village-based international development agency promoting local self-sufficiency in economically disadvantaged or otherwise threatened communities.

Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF)
Nonprofit charitable organization founded to promote, develop, and facilitate solar rural electrification and energy self-sufficiency in developing countries.

Sustainable Nations Development Project
Promotes the sovereignty, environmental health, and cultural health of Indigenous Nations through community-based appropriate technology development work.

The Sustainable Village A "social enterprise" providing solutions to global problems using renewable energy and appropriate technology in developing countries.

Village Earth An organization that helps achieve sustainable community-based development by connecting communities with global resources.

Renewable Energy Events

American Solar Energy Society (ASES) Conference Held annually in a different state.

Aspen Valley Renewable Energy Day
Held annually in late August in Aspen, Colorado.

Midwest Renewable Energy Fair
Sponsored by the MREA each summer in Custer, Wisconsin.

SolFest Summer solar festival sponsored by the Solar Living Institute in Hopland, CA.

Online RE Educational Sites

Climate Change Provides the latest news and information about climate change science, global warming and alternative energy.

Energy Planet A visual and interactive web directory of information resources about renewable energy technology.

Energy Saving Secrets A website containing over 100 articles on how to save energy.

Energy Trace Webzine A comprehensive and up-to-date source on energy news, information, jobs, events, products, and more.

Environment Resources A directory of Environment related websites.

FindSolar.com A website linking consumers to solar professionals.

Fuel Cell Energy
A site dedicated to educating people about fuel cells.

Fuel From the Sun Site exploring a variety of ways to harness the sun's solar energy.

Green Home Building
Site including a wide range of information about sustainable architecture and natural building.

Green Made Simple Provides information on energy efficiency incentives and rebates, searchable by zip code.

Hi-Energy Comprehensive information on renewable energy technologies in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

My Green Scene An information source for alternative technologies, and how they will impact our future

Off-Grid A webzine about living with renewable energy.


Ohio Univeristy Online Master of Public Administrator Program from Ohio University.

Peak Oil Project
An interactive learning reference on peak oil.

PV Portal Web link to the world of solar energy.

Rainwater Harvesting Guide Rainwater collection, recycling and reuse.

Review of Solar Cooker Designs
Includes information on the design of solar cookers.

Savingcivilization.org Information about turning around our economy and environment

Society for Energy Education (SEE) Society dedicated to fostering truth and understanding about the production and consumption of energy resources and their impact on the economy and the environment.

The Solar Guide A guide to solar and renewable energy that makes the information accessible and understandable.

Solar Power Consolidated News: Solar Power, Solar Energy and Solar Electric Power.

SunWind Solar Notes and links introducing important information about Solar Energy.

SustainableBuild.co.uk Offering a unique reference point on sustainable construction.

SustainableStuff.co.uk Offering a unique reference point on sustainable living.

Think Hydrogen Information on the use of hydrogen as a fuel.

UK Energy Saving Advice and tips on saving energy in your home and business

Publication Links

Chelsea Green Publisher of books on sustainable living.

Rainwater Harvesting
Guiding principles to welcome rain into your life and landscape.

Hatcreek Publishing Information on solar electric systems.

Home Power Magazine Hands-on journal of home-made power.

Joiners Quarterly
Journal of Timber Framing, Traditional and Natural Home Building.

Journal of Energy Education
A forum for the discussion of educating the public about energy consumption and production.

The Last Straw
The International Journal of Straw Bale and Natural Building.

Natural Home Magazine
Offers today's health-conscious, environmentally concerned homeowners the information they need to practice earth-inspired living.

New Society Publishers (NSP) Publisher focusing on books that contribute in fundamental ways to building an ecologically sustainable and just society.

Renewable Energy Resources

Alternative Energy News Source News on alternative energy.

American Energy Independence Promoting the need for energy independence.

Blackwell Energies is an environmental consulting company that audits clients' monthly business expenses and provides premium office carbon reduction strategies for businesses, nonprofit organizations, and/or religious organizations.

Bio Diesel / Bio Fuel Biodiesel is a clean-burning alternative fuel that is derived from renewable sources. Its rise in interest as an engine fuel matches the increasing global concern about human-caused climate change.

Conserv-a-Store Supporting sustainable commerce and an eco-friendly lifestyle by providing energy and resource saving goods that save money and save the earth.

DirectoryScience.com Online science directory designed to help its users find the online science source, companies, products, services, and information.

EcoIQ.com Website focused on energy conservation and renewables.

E-construct Directory of design related websites

EcoSpeakers.com Operated by EcoIQ to promote speakers for conferences, meetings, training

Green Home Resources Ultimate Guide to Green Home Resources

Forum on Science and Technology for Sustainability Forum seeking to facilitate information exchange and discussion among those engaged in the field of science and technology for sustainability.

RenewableEnergAccess.com Comprehensive source for information on the renewable energy field, including job postings.

Renewable Energy Posters and Prints at Barewalls

Renewable Energy Posters and Prints at FreeArt

Fotosearch: Renewable energy-related images

Solarbuzz International solar energy research and consulting company.

Source for Renewable Energy
Online buyer's guide and business directory to renewable energy businesses and organizations worldwide.

Windturbines.net A venue for collaboration, interaction, networking, and promotion of wind energy.

Women's Organizations Links

Global Fund for Women International grant-making foundation supporting women's human rights organizations around the world.

Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Nonprofit educational and service organization representing both student and professional women in engineering and technical fields.

Tradeswomen, Inc. Organization of trade professionals working together to provide fair and safe conditions for women who work in the building trades.

Women in Technology International (WITI)
Organization designed to empower women worldwide to achieve unimagined possibilities and transformations through technology, leadership and economic prosperity.

Women's International Center
Nonprofit education and service foundation with a mission to acknowledge, honor and encourage women.

Women's Net Organization bringing advanced communications technologies to women's organizations worldwide.

Women of Wind Energy (WOWE) A group of individuals who support and encourage the participation of professional women in the wind energy industry by providing networking opportunities and student sponsorships.

10 Tips For Women Who Are Pursuing A Career in IoT (Internet Of Things)

Teacher's Resources

Schools Going Solar An IREC project focused on building a network, a community of people who can share experiences with solar energy in schools.

Scholarship Sources

American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE) National association dedicated to ensuring the input of African Americans and other minorities into the developments of energy policies, R&D technologies, and environmental issues.

National Association of Women In Construction

Resources for Educators

Renewable Energy Education Resources

National Renewable Energy Laboratory NREL's Education Programs seek to promote science, mathematics and technology education using renewable energy as the vehicle to capture student interest.

The NEEd Project The NEED Project creates networks of teachers and students interested in promoting an energy conscious society while offering free grade specific curriculum and kits for sale.

An Inconvenient Truth Lots of good tips.

Florida Solar Energy Center
Florida Solar Energy Center’s site for teachers. Find classroom activities, a calendar of events, kits, competitions, continuing education opportunities, and general information on renewables.

The Solar School House Out of California, this organization offers curriculum and solar kits for sale while offering accredited teacher training workshops in Renewable Energy for California teachers.

The Solar School House - Resources The Solar Schoolhouse direct link to their resource page (solar ovens, solar fountains, etc.)

New Mexico Solar Energy Association New Mexico Solar Energy Association’s educational programs and curriculum links for youth – good stuff.

Build It Solar
Many solar-based, hands-on projects from solar cookers to solar home models to even more advanced projects.

Journey to Forever The first-ever overland expedition from East Asia to Southern Africa. Offers school children an active role in confronting the environmental issues threatening the planet.

How to Build with Cob
How to make a cob bench.

UCSUSA The Union of Concerned Scientists, a coalition of citizens and scientists for environmental solutions, offers more technical papers, facts, and solutions appropriate for high school students.

Design Coalition Efficient home building curriculum for youth.

Re-Energy A complete renewable energy curriculum designed for middle school youth.

Oil Poster Great resources for teachers on energy consumption and carbon footprint activities. You can also sign up to receive a free poster on world oil consumption at their home page. This poster is worth the time to ask!

Earth Seeds
Organization dedicated to the proliferation of earth conscious curriculum around the world. They offer educational kits for sale. EarthSeeds has partnered with SEI to write their renewable energy curriculum.

Windows to the Universe Bilingual (English/Spanish) website for Earth Sciences. This one gets high remarks from local teachers on content and usability.

Kid Wind Nonprofit organization dedicated to improving science education while introducing curriculum for wind power.

Winston Solar Life-sized solar car race for high schools. Students design, build, and race the solar cars that they create as a team.

CU Biodiesel CU Biodiesel’s K-6 biodiesel curriculum.

Michael Blue Jay What is a kilowatt? a great lesson on electrical terminology and an energy saving worksheet, true cost of energy, and so forth.

Biodiesel Now A resource for biodiesel run by Josh Tickell, From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank. The newsletter gives great resources for biodiesel in school busses and clean energy efforts.

Alternate Fuels This site gives a list of alternative fuels with links to resources for more information.

Home Power The website for Home Power Magazine – tons of do it yourself ideas and instruction.

MREA Midwest Renewable Energy Association’s kids page. MREA puts on a Renewable Energy Fair every summer in Wisconsin with lots of educational events for kids and adults.

Solar Thermal Animated visuals for how solar thermal systems work.

National Council for Solar Growth A non profit group with a mission to educate homeowners and businesses about the economic and environmental benefits of PV solar.

Energy Organization of teachers based in Canada offering renewable energy curriculum for high school.

Sustainable abc Helps students design their own green buildings and learn more about sustainable architecture.

Sun Design Interactive website that lets you calculate features of a passive solar home.

Energy Teachers This site gives teachers the latest links and bibliographies on energy related lessons

Green Teacher A collaborative effort of teachers all around North America. Their lesson plans address all different learning styles, and they are usually hands-on, creative, and impactful. SEI carries some of their curriculum for sale.

Solar Now Dedicated to renewable energy advocacy and education with an emphasis on Photovoltaics (solar electric). This link sends you directly to their experiments page.

Energy Quest A students’ guide to alternative fuel vehicles.

Energy Science
The Colorado Energy Science Center’s K-12 programs and curriculum – they have created extensive materials that address hands on scientific learning with renewables

PPL Links to curriculum by specific topic

Energy Hog A project of Energy outreach Colorado - fun games scavenger hunt great graphics

Scholastic The homework hub cool resource for kids in a wide variety of subjects

Discover Engineering Great science fair type projects ideas for kids and energy.

UWSP Wisconsin’s K-12 eenewable energy education program.

Global Warming

NRDC National Resource Defense Council FAQ’s on global warming.

7 Crazy Things That Are Going To Happen As Sea Levels Rise.

Stop Global Warming Join the 810,788 supporters of the Stop Global Warming Virtual March, and become part of the movement to demand our leaders reduce carbon dioxide emissions now.

Climate Challenge The Campus Climate Challenge is a project of more than 30 leading youth organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Teach 12 12 half-hour lectures on our changing climate.

Energy Conservation and Audits

The Bonneville Power Association’s 3rd – 8th grade curriculum for energy conservation

Aspen, CO’s Canary Initiative This link will lead you directly to their “Calculate your Cox emissions” page.

E-Star More links to energy efficiency appliances and actions

Wilsoned These folks give presentations at schools regarding Energy Conservation. I have never seen them present as they are predominantly in the North East, Arkansas, and California. Their website looks good, however.

Energy Star Info on compact fluorescent light bulbs including faq’s, links to disposal methods, and clean up and mercury information.

Efficient Lighting and Other Ways to Save Energy. (Thanks to John :-)

Energy Efficiency Guide: Save Money on Home Energy Costs

Solar Project Funding Sources

Schools Going Solar This website gives resources for state financial incentives and grant opportunities for schools going solar. There is also a database of schools that have successfully implemented solar energy in their schools around the country.

A Plus for Energy BP Solar’s A+ for Energy grants for teachers.

Federal Grants Federal education grant links.

Database for State Incentives for Renewable Energy

$1500 grants for social studies teachers

“Growing Clean Air” Small kits to grow trees. Good for fundraising or environmental fairs.

National funding resources for youth initiatives Resources for youth who want to create positive change in their communities.

Classroom Solar Energy Kits and Products

Solar World Solar energy kits for sale.

Sciences Hareware - How to build a human powered bicycle generator for your classroom.

NMSEA Offers a comprehensive hands-on solar energy kit for sale.

Hydrogen fuel cell kits

Real Goods Green products for sale. Real Goods is a leader in California on sustainability and renewable energy education by hosting conferences and fairs at their eco campus.

Backwoods Solar Established online and catalogue distributer for renewable energy equipment. A great source for solar fountain materials.

A source for scientific materials for teachers

Steves Pangler Science A source for scientific materials and science project ideas.

Edmund scientific supply
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Solar Cooking

Solar Cooking Everything you want to know about solar cooking and making your own solar ovens.

Direct link to the above sites page of solar cooker plans

Solar Household Energy, Inc. Expansive website on solar cooking on a global level.

Frequently asked solar cooking questions and answers

Renewable energy for Homes

A Green Home Guide – How To Go Green At Home


RE Science Fairs and Competitions

Igniting Creative Energy Open to students K-12, the Igniting Creative Energy Challenge is an educational competition designed to encourage students to learn more about energy and the environment.

International Youth Fuel Cell Competitition

NREL’s Junior Solar Sprint/Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Competition Annual competition for Middle School Teams from all over Colorado. Find out how to host one in your area.

The Solar Decathalon – Every other year the National Mall in Washington DC hosts this event. A great field trip and inspiration for youth.

NREL’s Middle School Science Bowl

This is the site for the National Science Bowl

The Internet Science and Technology Fair
(ISTF) was created to afford pre-college students in grades three (3) through twelve (12) an opportunity to experience the excitement of researching solutions to real-world problems involving science, engineering and other technical fields of study.

Online Environmental Quizzes

My Foot Print An eye-opening questionnaire to reveal your personal ecological footprint.

Inspiring Youth Success Stories and Initiatives

Youth united for a clean energy future Find out about the youth efforts of the United States.

Free Webs “My name is Shawn and I go to Skyview Jr. High. At my school there is a project called Breakout. Students choose a topic, research it, write a research paper, and then undertake a project called "Make a Difference" and then present it.

Brower Youth Awards Honoring Youth Leadership in Conservation, Restoration, and Preservation.

Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC) in recent years, the members of seac have realized the importance of addressing energy. This organization includes middle school through college age students.







Annual Conference of the New Zealand Ecological Society

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Annual Conference of the New Zealand Ecological Society

The 2011 Annual Conference of the New Zealand Ecological Society, also incorporating the New Zealand Society of Plant Biologists Annual Conference, will be held at the Energy Events Centre, Rotorua. The conference will run from Sunday 28 August to Thursday 1 September 2011. The student day is on Sunday 28 August, followed by three days of concurrent sessions from Monday 29 August to Wednesday 31 August, with field trips on Thursday 1 September. The conference dinner will be on the Wednesday evening, where the 60th anniversary of the Society will be celebrated.

We have an excellent, central city venue for the conference, located in the Government Gardens on Queens Drive, with a large main theatre and good quality adjacent theatres for concurrent sessions.


There Is No Energy Crisis, There is a Crisis of Ignorance

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There Is No Energy Crisis, There is a Crisis of Ignorance



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Fritjof Capra Fritjof Capra (born February 1, 1939) is an Austrian-born American physicist. He is a founding director of the Center for Ecoliteracy in Berkeley, California, and is on the faculty of Schumacher College.

Born in Vienna, Austria, Capra attended the University of Vienna, where he earned his Ph.D. in theoretical physics in 1966. He conducted research in particle physics and systems theory at the University of Paris (1966–1968), the University of California, Santa Cruz (1968–1970), the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (1970), Imperial College, London (1971–1974), and the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (1975–1988). He also taught at U.C. Santa Cruz, U.C. Berkeley, and San Francisco State University.

He has written popular books on the implications of science, notably The Tao of Physics, subtitled An Exploration of the Parallels Between Modern Physics and Eastern Mysticism. The Tao of Physics makes an assertion that physics and metaphysics are both inexorably leading to the same knowledge. He is fluent in German, English, French, and Italian.

After touring Germany in the early 1980s, Capra co-wrote a book on Green Politics with ecofeminist author Charlene Spretnak called Green Politics, in 1984.

Capra contributed to the screenplay for the 1990 movie Mindwalk, starring Liv Ullman, Sam Waterston, and John Heard, which was loosely based on his book, The Turning Point.


In 1991 Capra coauthored Belonging to the Universe with David Steindl-Rast, a Benedictine monk. Using Thomas Kuhn's The Structure of Scientific Revolutions as a stepping stone, their book explores the parallels between new paradigm thinking in science and religion that together offer what the authors consider remarkably compatible view of the universe.


Beijer Institute

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About the Beijer Institute

The Beijer Institute of Ecological EconomicsThe Beijer Institute is an international research institute under the auspices of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. The Institute was established in 1977 and was reorganized in 1991 with a focus on ecological economics. Core funding is provided by the Kjell and Märta Beijer Foundation.

The Beijer Institute's major objective is to carry out research and stimulate cooperation between scientists, university departments, research centers and institutes to promote a deeper understanding of the interplay between ecological systems and social and economic development.

Cooperation efforts include collaborative research between economists and ecologists and related disciplines on fundamental and applied problems in relation to sustainability, as well as teaching and training on those issues nationally and internationally.

The Beijer Institute's major activities are international research programmes, synthesis workshops, a broad set of research projects, teaching and training programs, dissemination of results, the science-policy interface and collaborative communication.


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