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WindTech Istanbul Wind Energy Trade Fair

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National and international wind energy industries and wind power technologies shall meet under a specialized exhibition, WindTech Istanbul, between the dates of 13-16 October 2010 in Istanbul for the first time in Turkey. WindTech is an exhibition, which targets the wind energy sector and which meets this sector under single roof.

WindTech Istanbul Wind Energy Trade Fair will take place in Istanbul Lutfi Kirdar Convention and Exhibition Centre (ICEC). 

Objectives of WindTech Istanbul: 

  • To prepare a foundation for the creation of wind energy industry, to develop it and to provide contribution for it,
  • Meeting of the Turkish investors with the equipment suppliers,
  • To meet the foreigner investor with the Turkish producer in Turkey, where it is a great potential in the field of energy in terms of the investment and the production,
  • To emphasize the fact that Turkey should search for its energy needs on the alternative sources and should direct itself towards renewable sources,
  • To support the domestic industry and the production of turbines,
  • To introduce the fields of use of wind energy,
  • To create a platform for projects, which would increase the industrial efficiency,
  • To show the importance of the need to go for variation for the energy supply and of the vitality of evaluation of our national energy sources and to underline that these are priority issues, (Minister of Energy and Natural Sources, Mr. Yildiz, has stated that, “we require to meet 30% of our total energy port folio from these sources, together with renewable energy sources and natural sources until 2030.This is a number, which is even above the EU average”)
  • To play a triggering role for the start of the investment projects, which will be carried out in this filed, after the Draft Law with regards to make changes in the law, which is related to the Use of Renewable Energy Sources with regards to the Production of the Electrical Energy,
  • To create a environment for the implementation of the investments, which will provide for the implementation of the investments that would be required and would be sufficient with regards to the security of the supply,
  • To underline for the fact that the wind energy, which is the environment friendly, with minimum amount of carbon gas discharge, clean and widely available, form of energy due to the sanctions of the agreements like the Kyoto Protocol, etc, in order to have preventive measures for important issues like, global warming, change of the climate,
  • To achieve the target, where it is thought that Turkey might have 20.000 megawatt of wind power by 2020.

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