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National Wildlife Federation Releases New Report - November 2009

Report: Generation EStudents Leading for a Sustainable, Clean Energy Future

By Christina Erickson and David J. Eagan, with a foreword by Julian Keniry

35 ways students are creating a sustainable future at U.S. colleges and universities - cutting carbon emissions, saving resources and equipping the coming generation for a green energy economy.

This 70 page, example-rich guide is a timely, best-practices report on exemplary student-led sustainability activities and programs at schools around the U.S. Like other guides in the NWF Campus Ecology Climate and Sustainability Series, it features dozens of examples from postsecondary institutions of all types; public and private, urban and rural, large and small. More than 160 campuses from 46 states plus the District of Columbia are included, along with photos, graphics, links to related resources and an extensive endnotes section so readers can learn more about specific campus projects. As an illustrated “idea-book,” it shows students, faculty and staff a wide range of project possibilities, encouraging them to engage with their campus and community in ways that make real reductions in their school's carbon footprint and also foster the technical and intellectual skills needed in the future green economy.


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