The Institute for Culture and Ecology


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IFCAE's Mission

The Institute for Culture and Ecology is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to conduct collaborative, interdisciplinary research-based initiatives that foster vibrant and resilient livelihoods, communities, and ecosystems. Since its formation in 1999, IFCAE has worked effectively in collaboration with communities to improve human and environmental conditions through applied research, education, and community improvement projects. Our research staff is skilled in professional disciplines such as cultural anthropology, environmental science, public policy, and geography. Our geographic emphasis is on the U.S. Pacific Northwest where we are based, and we also collaborate with projects elsewhere in the United States and other countries, including Indonesia, Canada, and Mexico. The organizing concept behind all IFCAE projects is the idea that sustainable solutions to environmental problems require an understanding of the underlying social complexities and early involvement and leadership by social scientists in projects. The organization strives to be responsive, transparent, and broadly accessible. IFCAE is small by design to promote collegiality and efficiency. On average we have seven employees, five visiting scholars, five contractors, five interns, and a seven person Board of Directors. Our senior staff all have faculty appointments with regional universities. Our funding comes from government and foundation grants, contracting, and from private donations. Our organization is 95% paperless and we maintain a website with extensive content free of commercial advertisements


IFCAE Partners have a broad range of quantitative and qualitative methods and statistical analyses they can draw from for research and education. The following list provides a small sample of some common methods we use:

Funding Policy

We receive funds through grants, consulting, and donations from a broad range of sources including individuals, government and non governmental organizations, businesses, private foundations, and others. We believe our broad funding base diminishes the possibility of inadvertent influence by any single funder. We do not accept funds that could compromise our ability to act as an independent organization. We openly disclose our donor sources except when the gift is anonymous.