İmece Evi Doğal Yaşam ve Ekolojik Çözümler Çiftliği (Solidarity Home)


İmece Evi Doğal Yaşam ve Ekolojik Çözümler Çiftliği (Solidarity Home)

İmece Evi - TürkiyeWelcome to İmece Evi! (Solidarity Home) İmece Evi started its “Ecologic Village” project on Kazdağı (İda Mountains) in 2007 based on the rules of ecology and intercultural peace and built on his claim of “Another World is Possible”. Until 2010 it gained a lot of experience in its rental premisses by the coast. Starting with 2011, İmece Evi has been moving to its own land on the mountain Dumanlı. (İzmir-Menemen,Turgutlar village) It is now a self-contained organisation which, by the help of its implementations and ecologic solutions, has already proved that “a life in harmony with nature” is possible, and its expenses on the things provided by the external resources gradually get less. All experiences gained through the time has been shared with the participants all over the world, and as of 2011 Natural Agriculture Method by Fukuoka-san has been given the priority to be used in its own lands while the philosophy and the results are debated with the volunteers. Permaculture, Biodynamic Applications and Traditional Culture have always been considered in all applications, and the experiences gained have always been shared with the participants.

Address: Kazdağı Güzelköy Ayvacık Çanakkale

Phone: (552) 414-2363


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