The name makes them sound new and revolutionary, part of a new movement toward sustainability and community. But in reality, this is the way humans have lived for thousands of years before we took a sharp turn toward unsustainable living. Eco-villages are glimpses to the past, to how humankind used to resonate with the natural environment. They are spreading and popping up everywhere where people are found.
Here is an alphabetical list of ecovillages from the Fellowship for Intentional Community (FIC) website.
1. 5th dimensional eco-village (northern NM or southern CO, New Mexico, United States) Forming
2. Abeo (Hobart, Tasmania, Australia) Re-Forming
3. ABRA144 Ecovillage - Amazonian Bioregional Village (Presidente Figuereido, Manaus, Brazil) Forming
5. Abundance EcoVillage (Fairfield, Iowa, United States)
6. The Alchemical Nursery Project (Syracuse, New York, United States) Forming
7. ALDEAFELIZ (San Francisco, Cundinamarca, Colombia)
8. Alderleaf Farm and Wilderness College (Monroe, Washington, United States)
9. Aldinga Arts EcoVillage (Aldinga Beach, South Australia, Australia)
10. Aleskam (684020 Razdolny Setl, Kamchatka, Russian Federation)
11. All Are Welcome: We Invite You (Olympia, Washington, United States)
12. Amazon Highlands Eco-Cooperative (Campamento Salto Yutaje) (Puerto Ayacucho, Amazonas, Venezuela)
13. Amity Highlands Ecovillage Cohousing (Woodbridge, Connecticut, United States) Forming
14. Anarres Ecovillage (Northampton, England, United Kingdom) Forming
16. Andelssamfundet i Hjortshøj (DK-8530 Hjortshoj, Denmark)
17. Aquarius Nature Retreat (Vail, Arizona, United States) Re-Forming
18. Arcosanti (Cordes Lakes, Arizona, United States)
19. ASL in Veg/an Ecovillage Communities (Cottonwood area, Arizona, United States) Forming
20. Aspenwood (Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States)
21. Astral City
22. Atamai Eco-Village (Motueka, New Zealand) Forming
23. Austin Area Ecovillages (Austin (area), Texas, United States) Forming
24. Avalon Community (Florida, United States) Forming
25. Avalon Springs (Middletown, California, United States)
26. Awaawaroa Bay Eco-Village (Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand)
27. Awakened Life Project (Benfeita, Portugal) Forming
28. A-WAY-KIN ECOvillage (Gimli, Manitoba, Canada) Forming
29. Back-to-Nature EcoVillage (Trang, Thailand) Forming
30. "BahamaStar"-Eco Resort on a Private Island in the Bahamas (Cistern Cay Private Island, Bahamas) Forming
31. Ballintaggart on the Atherton Tableland (Malanda, Queensland, Australia) Forming
32. Base Camps Conservation Network (ARATULA, Queensland, Australia) Forming
33. Bay View Ecovillage (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States)
34. Belfast Cohousing & Ecovillage (Belfast, Maine, United States) Forming
35. Bellbunya Community Association (Belli Park, Queensland, Australia) (Sunshine Coast hinterland, Queensland, Australia)
36. Berea College Ecovillage (Berea, Kentucky, United States)
37. Bethel Suburban Ecovillage (Eugene, Oregon, United States) Forming
38. Betterfields (New Zealand) (United States) Forming
39. Betterway Farm and Ecovillage (Northeast Ohio) (Northeast Ohio - Wooster, Ohio, United States) Re-Forming
40. Between Two Cities (Portland, Corvallis, Oregon, United States) Forming
41. The Biblical Christian Community (Tonga, Tonga)
42. Big Island Cohousing and Ecovillage (Hawaii, United States)
43. The Blueberry Patch (Gulfport, Florida, United States) Forming
44. Boreal Farms (Duluth, Minnesota, United States) Forming
45. Brave New Mountain (Hoodsport, Washington, United States) Forming
46. Braziers Park (Wallingford, England, United Kingdom)
47. Breitenbush Hot Springs (Detroit, Oregon, United States)
48. Broken Earth Village (Santa Fe Area, New Mexico, United States) Forming
49. Brokenfoot Ranch (Carrollton, Georgia, United States) Forming
50. BTR Ecovillage (Dale (an hour outside of Austin, 15 minutes to Lockhart and Bastrop), Texas, United States) Forming
51. Camelot Cohousing (Berlin, Massachusetts, United States) Forming
52. Capital District Eco-housing (Albany region, New York, United States) Forming
53. Carolina Common Well (Hillsborough, North Carolina, United States) Forming
54. Casa da Ribeira (Coimbra, Portugal)
55. Catholic Ecovillage (Kentucky, United States) Forming
56. Cedar Grove (Hopkinsville, Kentucky, United States) Forming
57. Cerro Gordo Ecovillage (Cottage Grove, Oregon, United States)
58. Christian Ecovillage-Mid-Atlantic Region (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, United States) (Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, United States) (New York State, New York, United States) (Ohio, United States)
59. Church of the Earth (Haiku, Hawaii, United States) (Hilo, Hawaii, United States) Forming
60. Cinderland Ecovillage (Kapoho, Hawaii, United States)
61. CIRCLE P ECOFARM/VILLAGE (brunswick, Georgia, United States) Forming
62. CoHo Ecovillage (Corvallis, Oregon, United States)
63. Columbia Ecovillage (Portland, Oregon, United States)
64. CommonUnity (Mullumbimby, New South Wales, Australia) Forming
65. A Communeosho (Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India) Forming
66. Community Alive at Earthome (Pulteney, New York, United States) Forming
67. Community in Southern Saratoga County, NY (New York, United States) Forming
68. Community of Healers (Ash Fork, Arizona, United States) Forming
69. Comunidad Permacultural Na Lu' Um (San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico) Forming
70. Comunidad Planetaria Janajpacha (Bolivia)
71. Concord Ecovillage (Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, United States) (Newark, Delaware, United States) (West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States) Forming
72. Costa Rica Ecovillage (Costa Rica) Forming
73. Crystal Mountain Green (Queen Creek Foothills, Arizona, United States) Forming
74. Crystal Waters Permaculture Village (Conondale, Queensland, Australia)
75. Dallas Cohousing / Ecovillage (Dallas, Texas, United States) Forming
76. Dancing Bear Eco-Village (Cherokee County, Texas, United States) Forming
77. Dancing Bear Eco-Village
78. Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage (Rutledge, Missouri, United States)
79. Dapala Farm (Elk is located in Eastern Washington State Region, Washington, United States) Forming
80. Dedetepe eco-farm (Canakkale, Turkey) Forming
81. DFW Urban Ecovillage (Dallas, Texas, United States) (Fort Worth, Texas, United States) (DFW Ariport area--Mid-Cities/Irving, Texas, United States) (Oak Cliff, Texas, United States) (Waxahachie/Red Oak, Texas, United States) Forming
82. Dolphin Community (D-79737 Herrischried - Niedergebisbach, Germany) (Hausen im Wiesental, Germany)
83. Dom Druzej na prirode - common_house (Gus'-Hustlnyj, Vladimirskaja area, Russian Federation) Forming
84. Dragon Belly Farm (Pt. Ludlow, Washington, United States) Forming
85. Dreamtime Village (La Farge, Wisconsin, United States)
86. Earth First Australia (Hamilton, Victoria, Australia) Forming
87. Earth Kind Developments Corp. (Tofino, British Columbia, Canada) Forming
88. EarthArt Village (Moffat, Colorado, United States) Forming
89. Earthaven Ecovillage (Black Mountain, North Carolina, United States)
90. EarthFriends Ecovillage
91. Earthsong Eco-Neighbourhood (Ranui, West Auckland, New Zealand)
92. EARTHYACHT (Mazatlan Sinaloa Northern Mexico Area, Mazatlan, Mexico) Forming
93. Eco village Piracanga (Itacaré, Bahia, Brazil)
94. Eco Yoga Park (General Rodriguez, Buenos Aires, Argentina) (General Rodriguez, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
95. Ecoaldea Huehuecoyotl (Tepoztlán, Morelos, Mexico)
96. Ecoculture Village (Arcata, California, United States) Forming
97. EcoLetu (Beijing, China) Forming
98. ECOMMUNE (Paducah, Kentucky, United States) Forming
99. Economic Eco-Village (Glastonbury, Connecticut, United States) (Bellefonte Chestnut, Pennsylvania, United States) Forming
100. EcoReality (Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada) Re-Forming
101. Ecotopia Romania (Stanciova, Timis, Romania) Forming
102. Ecotopia/Itkaka (Vathi/Ithaca, Greece) Forming
103. Ecovilla Asociación GAIA (NAVARRO, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
104. Ecovillage at Burdautien (Eire, Ireland)
105. The Ecovillage at Currumbin (Currumbin Valley, Queensland, Australia) Forming
106. EcoVillage at Ithaca (Ithaca, New York, United States)
107. EcoVillage at Ithaca - third neighborhood (Ithaca, New York, United States)
108. Eco-Village de la Paix-Dieu (Jehay, Belgium)
109. EcoVillage Detroit (Detroit, Michigan, United States) Forming
110. Ecovillage Dungeness (Port Angeles, Washington, United States) Forming
111. Ecovillage in planning (Georgia, United States) Forming
112. Ecovillage Network UK (Bristol BS99 3JP, England, United Kingdom)
113. Eco-Village of La Hermita (San Miguel de Allende, GTO, 37700, Mexico)
114. EcoVillage of Loudoun County (Taylorstown, Virginia, United States) Forming
115. Écovillage 2012 (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) Forming
116. ECOVILLAGE VIVER SIMPLES (Itamonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil) Forming
117. The Eden Project Forming
118. Edinstvo ecovillage (Edinstvo gardens, Kagalnitskiy rayon, Rostov Region, Russian Federation)
119. Eliopoli (Port Maitland, Nova Scotia, Canada) Forming
120. Enota Mountain Village (Hiawassee, Georgia, United States)
121. Esperanza de Finca Amanecer (Londres de Quepos, Costa Rica) Forming
122. Essene Eco-Village Maui (paia, Hawaii, United States) Re-Forming
123. Etherion Ringing Cedars Intentional Community (Guyra, New South Wales, Australia) (Upwey, Victoria, Australia) Forming
124. Factor 'e' Farm - Open Source Ecology (Maysville, Missouri, United States) Forming
125. FalconBlanco (San Lorenzo/Ibiza, Balearen, Spain)
126. Family Haven Project (Nelson, Nelson District, New Zealand) Forming
127. The Farm (Summertown, Tennessee, United States)
128. Federation of Damanhur (Baldissero Canavese, Torino, Italy)
129. Fedorovtsy (Staraya Tishanka, province of Voronezh, Russian Federation)
130. Findhorn Foundation and Community (Findhorn, Scotland, United Kingdom)
131. The Fire Circle (Russell or Heath, Massachusetts, United States) Forming
132. Flying Fish Organic Ecovillage (near Vuaki, Yasawa Islands Group, western Fiji, Blue Lagoon, Yasawa Islands, Fiji)
133. Footprint Acres (Lower Lake, California, United States) Forming
134. Forest Haven (Moyock, North Carolina, United States) Forming
135. Forest Moon Ecovillage (Polk County, North Carolina, United States) Forming
136. FOUNDATION (London, United Kingdom) (Tamil Nadu, India) Forming
137. Fox Housing Cooperative (Carmarthen, Wales, United Kingdom) Re-Forming
138. Frieden Haven (Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada) Forming
139. Friendly Haven Rise Farm Ecovillage (Battle Ground, Washington, WA, United States) Forming
140. Front Range Eco Town (boulder, Colorado, United States) (denver, Colorado, United States) Forming
141. Gaia Grove Ecovillage (near Gainesville, Florida, United States) Re-Forming
142. Gaia Sangha (LOS ANGELES, California, United States) Forming
143. Gaia University (The Americas) (Europe)
144. Gaiam One (Chimirol De Rivas, San Jose, Costa Rica) Re-Forming
145. The Gaian Fellowship (Eureka Springs, Arkansas, United States) Forming
146. Gaia's Green Village (Lonedell, Missouri, United States) Forming
147. Global Community Communications Alliance (Tubac, Arizona, United States)
148. Goodenough Community (Seattle, Washington, United States) (Tahuya, Washington, United States) Re-Forming
149. Govinda Gardens (Carriere, Mississippi)
150. Green Village Philadelphia (GVP) (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States) Forming
151. Greenplan (Berkeley, California, United States) Re-Forming
152. Greensoul (Klamath Falls, Oregon, United States) Forming
153. Grishino Community (Leningradskaya oblast', Russian Federation)
154. The Grove (Mesa, Arizona, United States) (Cocoroche Island, Belize) Forming
155. Guiana Highlands Ecovillage, Ecology Outpost (Ecoaldea: La Advanzada del Esequibo) (Merume Mountains, Cuyuni/Mazaruni, Guyana)
156. Hamster In The Sheets (Lake Placid, Florida, United States) Forming
157. HarmonyCollective (Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States) Forming
158. Haumoana Eco Village, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand (Hastings, New Zealand) Forming
159. Healing Earth New Amish (Granite Shoals, Texas, United States) (near Fredericksburg, Texas, United States) Forming
160. Heart and Spoon Community House (Eugene, Oregon, United States)
161. Heartland Ecovillage (Loveland, Ohio, United States) Forming
162. Hertha (DK-8464 Galten, Denmark) Forming
163. Hickory Nut Forest (Gerton, North Carolina, United States)
164. Home Ecovillage Project (Brighton, England, United Kingdom) Forming
165. Home Tree (Henniker, New Hampshire, United States) Forming
166. Homeland (Thora, New South Wales, Australia)
167. Hopewell Community (Lanesville, Indiana, United States) Re-Forming
168. Hudson Valley Ecovillage (Hudson Valley, New York, United States) Forming
169. Hummingbird Community (Mora, New Mexico, United States)
170. I-City (Burlington, Colorado, United States) (Kanorado, Kansas, United States) Forming
171. Idyllia West (California, Oregon or Nevada, United States) Forming
172. Imagine Seven (Progressive Communities Sharing One Property in One Community) (Olympia, Washington, United States) Forming
173. In Planning Ecovillage (Zuidbroek, Netherlands) Forming
174. InanItah (Ometepe Nicaragua, Ometepe, Nicaragua) Forming
175. INFINITY NV EXPERIMENTAL BUILDING FARM (Battle Mountain, Nevada, United States) Forming
176. Island Ecovillage (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada) Forming
177. Island Freedom Farm (Maui, Hawaii, United States) Forming
178. ISLOVE = infinite star light offering visionary ecovillages (Santa Cruz County, California, United States)
179. italyecovillage, Le Mogli farm (Pescosolido, Italy) Forming
180. Jamaica Plain Cohousing (Boston, Massachusetts, United States)
181. Jewish Eco Village (East Bay, California, United States) Forming
182. Juniper Hill Farm (Amherst, Massachusetts, United States)
183. Kailash Ecovillage (Portland, Oregon, United States)
184. Kakwa Ecovillage Cooperative (McBride, British Columbia, Canada) Forming
185. Kalikalos (Pelion, Magnesia, Greece)
186. Kanjini Co-Op (Australia) Forming
187. Katywil (Colrain, Massachusetts, United States) Forming
188. Kawai PuraPura (Albany, Auckland, New Zealand) Re-Forming
189. KEIMBLATT OEKODORF (Riegersburg, Austria) Forming
190. Kins Oases Foundation (Coonabarabran, New South Wales, Australia) Forming
191. Kitezh Children's Eco-Village Community (249650 Baryatinsky, Russian Federation)
192. Kivisalon yhteisökylä (Kuopio, Finland) Forming
193. Knoll Crest Farm (Amherst, Virginia, United States)
194. Kohatu Toa Eco-Village (Northland, New Zealand)
195. Komkelen (Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina) Forming
196. Kookaburra Park Eco-Village (Gin Gin, Queensland, Australia) (Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia) Forming
197. The Kuliana Group (Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States)
198. La Cite-Ecologique de Ham-Nord (Ham-Nord, Quebec, Canada)
199. La Paz Eco Village (La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico) (Baja California Sur - Mexico, Mexico) Forming
200. Lah lah land (Tucson, Arizona, United States) Re-Forming
201. Lake Chapala Mexico (Lake Chapala, Michoacan, Mexico) Forming
202. Lake Claire Cohousing (Atlanta, Georgia, United States)
203. Lammas (Pembrokeshire, Wales, United Kingdom) Forming
204. Last Place on Earth (Kilometer Ochenta y Dos, Guayana Esequiba, Venezuela) Forming
205. Lavender Falls (Fairfield Glade, Tennessee, United States) Forming
206. Law Of One Eco Community (Ontario, Canada) Forming
207. Laytonville Ecovillage (Laytonville, California, United States) Forming
208. Lebensgarten Steyerberg (Steyerberg, Lower Saxony, Germany)
209. LifeEssence (Beryl, Utah, United States) Forming
210. The Light Center (Baldwin City, Kansas, United States) Forming
211. Lightwork Ecovillage (Hope Point, Gambier Island, British Columbia, Canada) (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) Forming
212. LIVING EARTH ECO VILLAGE (Monroe, ME (Belfast area ), Maine, United States) (Cape ELizabeth, Maine, United States) Forming
213. Loh El (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) Forming
214. Lórien (6730, Belgium) Forming
215. Los Angeles Eco-Village (Los Angeles, California, United States)
216. Los Visionarios (Vilcabamba, Loja, Ecuador) Re-Forming
217. Lost Valley Educational Center (Dexter, Oregon, United States)
218. The Lotus Community (Australia)
219. The Love Israel Family (Kettle Falls, Washington, United States) Forming
220. Lovetribe (Portland, Oregon, United States) Forming
221. LUBINKA (Moscow region, Russia, Russian Federation) Forming
222. Lupinwood Village (Greenfield, Massachusetts, United States) (Greenfield, Massachusetts, United States)
223. Mandala (Maryvale, Queensland, Australia)
224. Manitou Arbor Ecovillage (Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States) Forming
225. Maya Creek Ecovillage (Fulton, Missouri, United States) Forming
226. Me Lucky Farms (Burke Road, Blaine, Washington, United States) Forming
227. Medical Marijuana Grow Commune (United States) (Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States) (Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States) Forming
228. Metro Cohousing at Culver Way (St. Louis, Missouri, United States) Forming
229. Moonlight Meadows (United Kingdom) Re-Forming
230. Mosaic Commons (Berlin, Massachusetts, United States)
231. Mosaic Ecovillage (Vancouver/Camas, Washington, United States) Forming
232. Motherland Ecovillage (Portland, Oregon, United States) Forming
233. Mount Eden Ecovillage (Washington, New Jersey, United States) Forming
234. Mulvey Creek Land Co-operative (Slocan, British Columbia, Canada) Re-Forming
235. Namasté Greenfire (Center Barnstead, New Hampshire, United States) Forming
236. Native Way Eco (ardmore, Oklahoma, United States) Forming
237. Natural Island Dragonmill (Schweta, Saxon, Germany) Forming
238. Nature Island Ecovillage (Jacco Estate, Belles, Dominica) Forming
239. The Nature School Foundation Inc. (Greenville, New Hampshire, United States) Forming
240. Networking For Peace Multicultural Cohousing Resource Neighborhood (Portland, Oregon, United States) Forming
241. New England Farm Village Project (Vermont, United States) Forming
242. New Indian Reservation (CaliforniaWestern States, United States) Forming
243. New Talavana (Carriere, Mississippi, United States)
244. Newberry House (Portland, Oregon, United States)
245. NEXT EVOLUTION COMMUNITY (South Beaver Township, Beaver County, Pennsylvania, United States)
246. Next Step Integral (Winlaw, British Columbia, Canada)
247. North Coast Eco-Community Discussion Group (Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia)
248. Nsumi Collective (New York City, New York, United States)
249. NW NJ Ecovillage (Sussex County, New Jersey, United States) Forming
250. O.U.R ECOVILLAGE (Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia, Canada) Forming
251. Oak Grove (Round Hill, Virginia, United States) Forming
252. Oasis Eco-Village (Uhland, Texas, United States) Forming
253. Oceanic Ecovillage (c) (Louisiana, United States) Forming
254. Odonata (Newburyport, Massachusetts, United States) Forming
255. Olympia Eco-Village (Olympia, Washington, United States) Forming
256. OMROOTS Sanctuary (Aguas Buenas, Perez Zeledon, Costa Rica) Forming
257. Opihikao Ecovillage/Cohousing (pahoa, Hawaii, United States) Forming
258. Orange Twin Conservation Community (Athens, Georgia, United States) Forming
259. Oregon Working Group 2006 (Eastern Oregon, Oregon, United States) Forming
260. Osagewood Village
261. Otamatea Eco-Village (Kaiwaka, Northland, New Zealand)
262. Pagan Circle Eco-Village (Richmond, Virginia, United States) Forming
263. Pagan Intentional Community (Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States) Forming
264. The Paradise Builders (Malibu, California, United States) (Levuka, Fiji) (Jaco, Costa Rica) (David, Panama) (Byron Bay, Australia) Forming
265. PAZ Ecovillage (Terlingua, Texas, United States) (Texas, United States) Forming
266. Penyon Bay Ecological Village (Alhoceima, Morocco) Forming
267. Pheasant Run
268. Piñon Ecovillage (Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States)
269. Plants for a Future (Ashwater, Beaworthy, Devon, England, United Kingdom) (The Field, Higher Penpol, Lostwithiel, Cornwall, England, United Kingdom) Forming
270. The Point of Infinity Retreat Center and Community (Greenfield Park, New York, United States) Forming
271. Port Townsend EcoVillage (Port Townsend, Washington, United States) Forming
272. Possibilica (Pullach, Germany) Forming
273. Pot Luck Farms (Westtown, New York, United States) Forming
274. Pot Luck Farms
275. POWER-FARM (Eco-Tent-Village) (Bakersfield, California, ENEA) Forming
276. Prairie Creek Settlement (Lebanon, Missouri, United States) Forming
277. Prairie's Edge Eco-Village (River Hills, Manitoba, Canada)
278. Praterra (boa vista roraima, Brazil) Forming
279. Primitive Self-Sufficient World-Saving Enlightencamp (oregon city, Oregon, United States) Forming
280. The Priorities Institute (Denver, Colorado, United States) Forming
281. Project Nuevo Mundo (Santiago Atitlan, Solola, Guatemala)
282. PROJETORGONE (Neuilly sur marne, France) Forming
283. Queer Ecovillage (Gainesville, Florida, United States) Forming
284. Querencia Experimental Center for Carbon Neutral Communities (San Pedro, San Jose, Costa Rica) Forming
285. Raices (Santa Ana, San Jose, Costa Rica) Forming
286. Rainbow Cottage (Phoenix, Arizona, AZ, United States) Re-Forming
287. Rainbow Peace Caravan (Mobil, Mexico)
288. The Rainbow Ranch (colorado Springs, Colorado, United States) Forming
289. Ravenwood (Marshfield, Wisconsin, United States) Forming
290. Red Earth Farms (Rutledge, Missouri, United States)
291. Réseau des ÉcoHameaux et ÉcoVillages du Québec (Wotton, Quebec, Canada) Forming
292. The Revolution Project (Chimirol de Rivas, Costa Rica) Forming
293. Rhiannon Community (Malchingui, Ecuador) Forming
294. Ringing Cedars BC Garden Paradise (Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canada) Forming
295. Rivendell (New South Wales, Australia) (Queensland, Australia) Forming
296. Rosneath Farm (Dunsborough, Western Australia, Australia) Forming
297. Rosy Branch (Black Mountain, North Carolina, United States)
298. Salka Vida (Costa Rica) Forming
299. San Francisco Backyard Neighborhood and Learning Center (San Francisco, California, United States) Forming
300. San Mateo Ecovillage (San Mateo, California, United States) Forming
301. Sandhill Farm (Rutledge, Missouri, United States)
302. Santosha Solar Hot Springs Retreat & Community (Between Longmont & Lyons on Hwy 66, Colorado, United States) Forming
303. Savita Community Ashram (Uruti, Taranaki, New Zealand) Forming
304. Sawyer Hill EcoVillage (Berlin, Massachusetts, United States)
305. SE-ADK-coCamping-coHousing (Clemons, New York, United States) Forming
306. Sharing Circle Gypsy Garden-eers (Cincinnati (Northside), Ohio, United States) (4261 Kirby Rd, Northside, Cincinnati, Ohio, United States) Re-Forming
307. The Shire (Hilo, Hawaii, United States) (Hilo, Hawaii, United States) (Pahoa, Hawaii, United States) Forming
308. Sieben Linden Ecovillage (Beetzendorf, Germany)
309. Sirius Community (Shutesbury, Massachusetts, United States)
310. 611 Ecovillage (Oakland, California, United States)
311. Skyhouse Community (Rutledge, Missouri, United States)
312. SomerVille Ecovillage (Chidlow, Western Australia, Australia) Forming
313. The Source Farm Ecovillage (Jamaica) Forming
314. South Jersey Ecovillage (Burlington, Camden, Gloucester County; Maybe Cumberland County; Maybe rural SE PA?, New Jersey, United States) Forming
315. Southwest Sufi Community (Silver City, New Mexico, United States)
316. Sovereign Christian Patriot Mission (ABOVE BAÑOS, Ecuador) Re-Forming
317. St Croix Valley Highlands (Prescott, Wisconsin, United States) Forming
318. Star*Light Retreat, South Africa {Vegetarian. clean sober smoke-free = no drugs/alcohol/smoking} (rural savannah called veld. high elevation above Malaria level. within couple hours drive of 2 major international airports of 2 of the largest cities in South Africa., South Africa) (Santa Cruz, California, United States)
319. Still Spirit Community Project (Floyd, Virginia, United States)
320. Stony Brook Cohousing (Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, United States) Forming
321. Suderbyn (Visby, Gotland, Sweden) Forming
322. Sun Sea Temple Eco-village (Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico) Forming
323. Sundog Ecovillage (Potomac, Montana, United States)
324. Sunflower Ecovillage (Bangor, Michigan, United States) Forming
325. Svanholm (DK-4050 Skibby, Denmark)
326. Sydney Coastal Ecovillage (New South Wales, Australia) Forming
327. Sydney Coastal Ecovillage Inc
328. Sydney Coastal Ecovillage Inc
329. Tamarack Knoll Community (Fairbanks, Alaska, United States)
330. Tamera - Healing Biotope I (7630 Colos, Portugal)
331. Tapestry Cohousing (Waterloo Region, Ontario, Canada) Forming
332. TBA (Gulf Islands/Discovery Islands, British Columbia, Canada) Forming
333. TerraVie (Saint- Sauveur-des-Monts, Quebec, Canada) Forming
334. TheRabbit'sHoleVillage (Granby, Colorado, United States) Forming
335. Thomas Farm Community (Rindge, New Hampshire, United States) Forming
336. Three Groves Ecovillage (West Grove, Pennsylvania, United States) (West Grove, Pennsylvania, United States) Forming
337. Tir Tairngire (Corner Brook, Newfoundland And Labrador, Canada) Forming
338. Tir Tairngire Project (Corner Brook, Newfoundland And Labrador, Canada) Forming
339. Toronto Ecovillage Project (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
340. Torri Superiore Ecovillage (Ventimiglia, Imperia, Italy)
341. Touchstone Farm (Easthampton, Massachusetts, United States) Re-Forming
342. Tranquility's Way (Alabama, United States) (Georgia, United States) Forming
343. Tree of Life Ecovillage and Resource Center for Nonviolence (Athens, Ohio, United States) Forming
344. Tribe of Likatien (Füssen, Germany)
345. TRINITY Christian PRIORY (Spain) (Argentina) (Vera Cruz, Mexico) (Uppsala, Sweden) (Crawley, United Kingdom) (Bebra, Germany) (RENNES, France) (Chicago, Dallas, Texas, United States) (Institutsupérieurdethéologiesaintthomas théologie, Congo) (PARIS, France) (Selignac, France) (THIERS 63300, France) (Welkom, South Africa) (New Mexico and Mexico) (Wisconsin, Wisconsin, United States) (United States) (Mpumalanga Province, near Badplaas, South Africa) (Newark, Notts, Chile) (Newark, Notts, Venezuela) (Newark, Notts, Argentina) (Newark, Notts, Brazil) (Newark, Notts, Ecuador) (Newark, Notts, India)
346. Tuscaloosa Cooperative Association (Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, United States) Forming
347. Tweed Valley Ecovillage Project (Scotland, United Kingdom) Forming
348. UHURU (Rice, Washington, United States)
349. Understenhodgen (Stockholm, Sweden)
350. Unijaima Ecovillage (Gilroy Santa Cruz, California, United States) Forming
351. usavillages (Richland, Iowa, United States) Re-Forming
352. Utah Valley Commons (Provo, Utah, United States) Forming
353. Utubia EcoVillage (Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States) Re-Forming
354. Valle de Sensaciones (Alpujarras, Granada, Spain)
355. Valles de Nanzal (Nanzal, Rep. of Panama, Panama) Forming
356. Ventura Urban Homestead Cooperative (Ventura, California, United States) Forming
357. A Village Full of Coops (South Bronx, New York, United States) Forming
358. Village Terraces Cohousing Neighborhood (Black Mountain, North Carolina, United States)
359. the Villages at Crest Mountain (Asheville, North Carolina, United States)
360. Vine & Fig Tree Farm/Community (Lanett, Alabama, United States) Re-Forming
361. Vital Village (Comisaría Emiliano Zapata, carretera Xul km 12 , Oxkutzcab, Yucatán, Mexico) (Vital Village, Yucatan, Mexico) Forming
362. Vlierhof (Millingen, Netherlands) Re-Forming
363. Walden Farm (Saskatchewan, Canada) Forming
364. Wellspring Eco-village and Learning Center (Kingston, Arkansas, United States) (Kingston, Arkansas, United States) Forming
365. Weltsmertz Ranch Cooperative (Kyote, Texas, United States) Forming
366. WHISPERING ECO-WIND FARM COMMUNITY & INSTITUTE (Berwick, Maine, United States) Forming
367. White Buffalo Farm (Paonia, Colorado, United States)
368. White Hawk (Ithaca, New York, United States) (Danby, New York, United States)
369. Whole Village (Caledon, Ontario, Canada)
370. Wholistic Community Network IRC (British Columbia, Canada) Forming
371. Wild Cat Creek Ecovillage (Calhoun County, 6 miles east of Bluntstown on highway 20, Florida, United States) Forming
372. The Wild Homestead (Louisiana, United States) Forming
373. The Wild Horse Ranch Association (Onoway, Alberta, Canada) Forming
374. wild solutions farm Forming
375. Wind Walker Eco Village (Spring City, Utah, United States) Forming
376. Wyomanock (stephentown, New York, United States) Forming
377. Yarrow Ecovillage (Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada)
378. Yoga Eco-Village (Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada) Forming
379. The Yoga Farm (Punta Banco, Costa Rica)
380. Gaija Ecovillage (Finland)
381. Vainola Community (Finland)
382. Keuruun Ecovillage (Finland)