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Home Ecovillages Damanhur Ecovillage -a Laboratory for the Future

Damanhur Ecovillage -a Laboratory for the Future

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Damanhur Ecovillage -a Laboratory for the Future

Damanhur is a collective dream transformed into reality thanks to the creative power of positive thought.

It is a laboratory for the future, a seed that has been growing for over thirty years, constantly transforming and renewing itself so as to bring to life the reality its citizens together dreamed of and built.

From the founders, a mere dozen people, to the thousand living today in or near the communities, the history of the Federation is witness to a project that has come to life, has grown and today is reaching out with a planet-wide commitment, as a new people bringing innovation and values, interweaving sociality, spirituality and respect for the environment, the recovery of ancient traditions and advanced technological research, with its roots deep in the territory, service and voluntary work conjoined with attention for everything happening in the world.

It is a profound vision of the ideal with its feet well planted on the ground.

Thinking of the future in a positive manner and translating ideas into actions and concrete achievements are essential steps to build the new culture of peace, so needed in this age. This is the commitment of Damanhur for the future.

Damanhur Ecovillage -a Laboratory for the Future


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