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The ValdiChy Project

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ValdiChy The ValdiChy Project was born to attract creative people to settle in the Valchiusella. People with open minds; positive thinkers with a pioneering spirit; practical dreamers with the desire to experiment with a new way of living; enthusiastic individuals or groups willing to contribute their talents and ideas to create a new and positive example.

An ideal valley where ecology, health and harmony of the mind, body and spirit, blossom in every form of art and craft. A place where solidarity, innovative and ecological technology, sustainability, collaboration and respect between institutions and citizens, are not just a hope for the future but are, as in Damanhur, a daily and concrete reality.

Thanks to the Federation of Damanhur, the Valchiusella is fast becoming a reference point for a New Renaissance of human, social and spiritual values. Every year more and more people, families and groups are deciding to come and live in the Valchiusella attracted by the possibility of realizing their ideals. The Valchiusella is where, those who dream of a healthy future for our planet, are actively making it a reality.

Once known as "Val di Chy", the lower Valchiusella has a particular geological and energetic configuration with interesting natural and historical characteristics. It is easy to imagine it as a new legendary and mythical valley, where humans live as gods, in perfect harmony and communion with the spiritual Forces of Nature and the Cosmos.

With these ideals in mind, the volunteer staff of the ValdiChy Project are working to help people who decide to come and settle in this beautiful valley. They are available to help non-Italians overcome initial difficulties, to help them find suitable housing solutions, adapt to the cultural and economic panorama of valley life and, where possible, to set up businesses in cooperation. 
The Val di Chy and the Synchronic Lines


Ecovillages - Members of GEN-Europe

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Members of GEN-Europe

105 full and supportive members were found (sorted by Name). Individual members are not displayed.

Argayall, Place of Light La Gomera Spain Ecovillage
Asase De Mu city Ghana Ecovillage
ASSI Beyoglu Turkey Educational
Association Carapa St Paul Lacoste France Ecovillage
Association Epidaure Epiquerez Switzerland Ecovillage
Austrotopia - Network for Living in Community Pyhra Austria Ecovillage
Balkan Ecovillage Network Vukomerić Croatia Ecovillage
Big Stone Vologda nearest city Russia Ecovillage
Braziers Park Oxon England Ecovillage
Bugday evi Istanbul Turkey Community
Casa cares Regello (FI) Italy Ecovillage
Casa da Ribeira Coimbra Portugal Ecovillage
Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) Machynlleth Wales Educational
Change the World Oslo Norway Non-Profit
Cloughjordan Ecovillage Roscrea Ireland Ecovillage
Come Together Netzwerk Bandau Germany National Network
Copiii Soarelui BRAD Romania Ecovillage
Culdees Bunkhouse B&B Perthshire Scotland Business
Czech Republic Ecovillage Network Brno Czech Republic National Network
Dabrowka Staroscin Poland Ecovillage
Damanhur Federation Baldissero C.se (TO) Italy Ecovillage
Dedetepe Farm Kucukkuyu, Canakkale Turkey Ecovillage
Dorscoh (formerly DEVA) Dorset England Ecovillage
Dyssekilde �kosamfund Hundested Denmark Ecovillage
Dziesmas Riga Latvia Community
Eco-hameau du Furan Dionay France Community
Eco-Village Network U.K. Bristol England National Network
Eco-Villages, Water & Sustainable Development St-Cergue Switzerland Non-Profit
ecodorp AC Rhoon Netherlands Ecovillage
EcoPolis ( Lithuania ,Vilnius) Vilnius Lithuania Ecovillage
Ecotopia Romania Association Timis Romania Ecovillage
Ecovillage e. V. Osnabrück Germany Ecovillage
Ecovillage Grishino d. Soginitsy Russia Ecovillage
El Molino Parador de Ti Mismo, Posada de Ecotopia Caceres Spain Ecovillage
Englemark-Familiy Eco Farm Herlufmagle Denmark Community
Enlinca Cohousing Cambridge England Community
Eurofaeries Amsterdam Netherlands Non-Profit
Europe without borders Chisinau Moldova Non-Profit
FalconBlanco Ibiza Spain Community
Findhorn Foundation Forres Scotland Ecovillage
fondale tallone France Ecovillage
Gaia University .... England Educational
Gaia Villages Pinerolo Italy Ecovillage
Galgafarm Galgaheviz Hungary Ecovillage
GEN Senegal Yoff/Dakar Senegal National Network
GEN-Finland Helsinki Finland National Network
Green School Village Sofia Bulgaria Educational
Greenheart Trencin Slovakia Ecovillage
Groby Ecohamlet Grooby England Ecovillage
Gunes Koy Ankara Turkey Ecovillage
Gyürüfü Ecovillage Gyurufu Hungary Ecovillage
Hotnitsa Hotnitsa Bulgaria Community
Hungarian National Network Oroshaza Hungary National Network
Hurdalsjøen Økologiske Landsby Hurdal Norway Ecovillage
Islanders Permaculture Ecovillage Mbita Kenya Ecovillage
Kasteel Nieuwenhoven Sint Truiden Belgium Ecovillage
Katajamäki Vilppula Finland Ecovillage
Keimblatt Ökodorf Riegersburg Austria Ecovillage
Keuruu Ecovillage Keuruu Finland Ecovillage
Kibbutz Lotan D.N. Chevel Eilot Israel Ecovillage
KNIDIA Eco-Farm Datca, Mugla Turkey Ecovillage
Krisna-völgy (Krishna-valley) Somogyvamos Hungary Ecovillage
Krunai Vilniaus raj. Lithuania Ecovillage
La Comune di Bagnaia Sovicille Italy Ecovillage
Lebensgarten Steyerberg Steyerberg Germany Ecovillage
Legambiente Rome Italy Educational
Lilleoru Rae vald Estonia Ecovillage
Lórien Tintigny Belgium Ecovillage
LØS Skanderborg Denmark Ecovillage
Mariahalom Biofalu Mariahalom Hungary Ecovillage
Meltemi Rafina Greece Ecovillage
Munkesoegaard Bagsvaerd Denmark Ecovillage
NextGEN Forres Scotland Non-Profit
Norske Økosamfunn Forening (Norwegian Ecovillage Association) Oslo Norway National Network
Oekodorf Sieben Linden Poppau Germany Ecovillage
Panta Rei Passignano sul Trasimeno (Peru Italy Educational
Passerelle Eco Montpellier France Educational
Permacultura Montsant Cornudella de Montsant Spain Ecovillage
Permaculture Magazine Petersfield England Media
Possibilica Pullach Germany Ecovillage
Red Iberica de Ecoaldeas None Spain Ecovillage
RIVE Firenze Italy National Network
Rodova Osada Brno Czech Republic Community
Rudo Rwa Mwari Harare Zimbabwe Ecovillage
Russian Ecovillage Network St. Petersburg Russia National Network
Schastlivoe nearest town is Codreanca Moldova Ecovillage
Schloss Glarisegg Steckborn Switzerland Ecovillage
Selba Vida Sostenibile Artosilla Spain Non-Profit
Self Sustaining Village - Den Selvforsynende Landsby Vester Skerninge Denmark Ecovillage
Sólheimar Selfoss Iceland Ecovillage
Stacja Wolimierz Pobiedno Poland Community
Suderbyn Permaculture Eco-village Visby Sweden Ecovillage
Svanholm Skibby Denmark Ecovillage
Tamera Colos Portugal Ecovillage
Tammr Henna Cairo Egypt Ecovillage
The Gaia Foundation Ghajn Tuffieha Malta Foundation
Tonttula FBK Suomusjarvi Finland Ecovillage
Torri Superiore Ventimiglia Italy Ecovillage
Tribe of Likatien Füssen Germany Ecovillage
Villaggio Ecologico Solidale Fossombrone PU Italy Ecovillage
Villaggio Verde Cavallirio Italy Ecovillage
VIVERDE A- 4212 Neumarkt Austria Ecovillage
Vlierhof Kleverstrasse 115, Kleve-Keeke Germany Ecovillage
Zajezka Pliesovce Slovakia Ecovillage
ZEGG Belzig Germany Ecovillage

Ecovillage Design Education in Damanhur

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THE FEDERATION OF DAMANHUR in partnership with
GAIA EDUCATION presents the first

April 2 – 30, 2011


Based on the Gaia Education Ecovillage Design Curriculum, this seminar is an official contribution to the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development 2005–2014.

• exploring solutions and experiencing effective models to transform society
• sharing 35 years of experience in creating a sustainable society
• transmitting design and implementation skills for effective projects
• restoring nature and building community on our planet
• building global consciousness for local action
• developing an artistic approach to life and problem solving
• exploring the importance of spirituality and creating sacred space in building new societies
• enhancing effective collaboration skills

• certification by Gaia Education as an EDE designer
• integrative design skills in four areas of sustainability: ecology, economy, social aspects & worldview
• basic tools for setting up EDE-courses in your region
• personal coaching and empowerment
• new friends, ideas, inspiration and hope!


Course fee: € 1100

Food and accommodation not included (different options available). Reduced prices for young people up to age 25, and scholarships for people from developing countries. Funding is available for EU participants through Grundtvig, reference number in database: IT-2011-615-001.

The course will be held in English.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  and Quaglia
Federation of Damanhur
10080 Baldissero Canavese (TO) Italy

macaco at damanhur.it / quaglia at damanhur.it

Gaia Education is a program associated with the Global Ecovillage Network

Permaculture Design Certificate Launched At Palestinian Farm

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Permaculture Design Certificate Launched At Palestinian Farm

The Marda Permaculture Farm A collaboration of permaculture teachers has resulted in the offering of a Permaculture Design Certificate at Marda Permaculture Center in Palestine. Teachers and dryland experts from Australia joined with Marda founder Murad Alkhuffash, bringing together Arab and Australian students. Murad’s farm combines traditional Middle Eastern agricultural techniques with modern permaculture concepts. His goal is to empower Palestinians to produce healthy food for themselves without using any environmentally damaging fertilisers or pesticides. The site produces organic fruit and vegetables and incorporates rainwater harvesting, a covered nursery and compost production.

For details view: www.thefarm.org/charities/i4at/marda/


Third Gaia Education International Workshop on Sustainable Living in Turkey

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Sustainable livingAbant Izzet Baysal University Architecture Department in Bolu, Turkey, hosted the third Gaia Education International Workshop on Sustainable Living.

The third pilot Ecovillage Design Education in Turkey organized by Guneskoy Ecovillage, Abant Izzet Baysal University Architecture Department, Abant izzet Baysal University Development and Research Foundation and Gaia Education hosted 40 students- some of them partly sponsored by previous participants of Gaia Education programmes in Turkey!

The workshop covered many aspects of social and ecologic design and included a presentation on Transition Towns. Faculty members included May East and Michael Shaw from Findhorn, Mehmet Tuncer, Hale Meric Karabekir, Inci Gokmen, Ali Gokmen and Deniz Dincel  from Turkey.

Sustainable LivingThe response to this workshop from both the students and the organisers was remarkable. Specially the social dimension of sustainability attracted the attention of the participants as being a new concept for Turkey. The written evaluations from the workshop participants - the barometer of success- were extremely positive.  Geographically, the workshop drew participants from around the nation. The participants profile included a cross-section of students, architects, urban planners, engineers, educators and social change activists.


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