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Home Books A New We - Ecological Communities and Ecovillages in Europe

A New We - Ecological Communities and Ecovillages in Europe

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A New We

— Ecological Communities and Ecovillages in Europe


A two-hour documentary — available now on DVD. 

"Every once in a while, a film comes along that can transform the way we live. A New We by the Austrian filmmaker Stefan Wolf is such a film..."
- Will M. Tuttle, Ph.D., author, The World Peace Diet

The variety of situations and voices in A New We inspires hope for the future of humanity and all life on the planet. The lives shown here are more motivated by imagination, vision, respect and cooperation than by economic forces and social expectations. In these 10 communities, the creative solutions to many social, environmental and economic challenges exemplify the nearly infinite capacity for human-, community- and self-development.

It’s a film that enlightens, encourages and spreads hope – for a new world and A New We 

The FIC is proud to announce that it is the sole North American distributor of the English language DVD of A New We (in the NTSC format), a two-hour video created in 2010 by Austrian Stefan Wolf that profiles 10 different European communities with a core commitment to sustainability.

This sampling of groups comes from eight different countries, ranging from large to small, spiritual to secular, brand new and well established. Find out what's happening on the cutting edge of sustainability in the Old Country by getting a copy of A New We.



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