Turkey's Changemakers


Turkey's Changemakers: Victor Ananias helps establish organic farming methods

Victor AnaniasSabanci Foundation's "Turkey's Changemakers" TV program shares inspiring stories of individuals who make a difference in social and economic development.

The 15th episode of Sabanci Foundation's "Turkey's Changemakers" tells the story of Victor Ananias.

Victor Ananias is a son of a Chilean father and Turkish mother and he was grown up in a small village at the Aegean coast of Turkey. He has been working to introduce organic agriculture to Turkey for 17 years. In this respect, he has established partnerships with several NGOs, leading to many new ecological practices. He also worked to design and implement integrated projects and promoted organic products. Ananias is a world known pioneer of the ecological movement and he is shown as one of five future leaders by international ecological agriculture agencies. He was also awarded an Ashoka Fellowship in 2000.


Victor Ananias is the president of Bugday (Wheat) Association for Supporting Ecological Living which is a pioneer of domestic organic markets in Turkey. Bugday works on building sustainable human activities, and supports the existing good examples and network among all to enhance free flow of knowledge and experience. Bugday has also developed an alternative vacation program, TaTuTa (Eco-Agro Tourism and Voluntary Exchange). In TaTuTa, visitors stay on the farms as Eco-Agro tourists, observe ecological farming and give their contribution directly to the ecological host farms.