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John Polk Allen

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John Allen

John Polk Allen
(born 6 May 1929, Carnegie, Oklahoma)[1] is a systems ecologist and engineer, metallurgist, adventurer and writer.[2] He is best known as the inventor and Director of Research of Biosphere 2, the world's largest laboratory of global ecology. Allen is a proponent of the science of biospherics.

Allen currently serves as Chairman of Global Ecotechnics, and a director of Biospheric Design and of Institute of Ecotechnics. He is Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, the Linnean Society, and the Explorers Club.

He studied anthropology and history at Northwestern, Stanford, and Oklahoma Universities, and served in the U.S. Army’s Engineering Corps as a machinist. He graduated from Colorado School of Mines and received an MBA with High Distinction from the Harvard Business School. In the early 1960s, Allen headed a special metals team at Allegheny-Ludlum Steel Corporation which developed over thirty alloys to product status, then he worked with David Lillienthal’s Development Resources Corporation in the U.S., Iran, and Ivory Coast.

Under the pen name, Johnny Dolphin, he has chronicled his personal history alongside the social history of his many destinations in novels, poetry, short stories and plays.[3]





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1971 University of Michigan, Certificate in Advanced Physiological Systems for Engineers.

1960 - 1962 Master in Business Administration, Harvard Business School, with high distinction.

Baker Scholar. Concentration on Policy, Finance, and Organization including T-groups

experience. Social Chairman of Section

1953 - 1957 Metallurgical-Mining Engineer Degree from the Colorado School of Mines, with

honors, outstanding freshman and senior awards. American Gentleman Award.

Defensive captain, football. President of student body. Tau Beta Pi.

1946 - 1950 Northwestern University, Stanford University, Oklahoma University. World History,

Classics, Writing. Anthropology major at Oklahoma, main interest: culturology and

human evolution. Pepsi-Cola National Scholarship winner.

1946 Graduated Pauls Valley, Oklahoma, highschool. Valedictorian. Alternate All-State in

football. Basketball. Editor of school paper.


Fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science

Fellow of the Linnean Society

Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society

Fellow of the Explorers Club

American Association for the Advancement of Science

Society for Human Performance in Extreme Environments

Tau Beta Pi

Honorary Citizen of Fort Worth

American Institute for Mining Engineers (1957-1964)


1994 to Present Chairman, Global Ecotechnics Corporation, an international project development and management company owning and managing several sustainable ecological research projects at: Birdwood Downs, Australia; Las Casas de la Selva (rainforest project) Puerto Rico; Les Marroniers Conference Center and Provencal farm, France; Silver Hills Properties, New Mexico; and Lundonia House, London, England where the October Gallery shows art from cultures around the world. In addition, Global Ecotechnics Biospheres Division is designing and building advanced biospheric systems, semi-enclosed biomic systems, integrated with advanced data based cybernetic systems. Now designing of Modular Biospheric Systems for Earth and Space including Mars Prototype Biosphere Base.

1991 Co-founder and Chairman, Planetary Coral Reef Foundation, a not-for-profit corporation. PCRF currently operates a 2000 - 2010 expedition to research previously unstudied ecological aspects of coral reefs around the planet with the research ship, Heraclitus, in association with work being done at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Boston Univ.Center for Remote Sensing, Charleston College, NASA Ames, and Lamont-Doherty. PCRF is engaged in developing ecological wastewater systems in Mexico, Bali, Singapore, and Australia.

1984 - 1994 Inventor and Co-founder of Biosphere 2. Director of Corporation, Executive Chairman for start-up, 1984-86, and then Vice-President of Biospheric Development, Space Biospheres Ventures, Oracle, Arizona. (Development Division included Research, Development, Engineering Systems, environmental and Space Applications, Quality Control, and Technical Product Marketing.) Private research and development firm that operated the $200,000,000 Biosphere 2 project, a three-acre, 7 million cubic foot closed ecological system for scientific, technical, and management research relevant to understanding the biosphere of the Earth, and as a prototype for permanent life habitats on suitable locations in space. The two-year Mission One experiment proved the viability of humans living in man-made fully recycling ecological system, the first in history. Biosphere2 is now called a "unique national treasure" by its present managers, Columbia University, and a "marvel of engineering" in Science.

1982 Ecological and business consultant to, and co-designer of Las Casas de la Selva, developing a 1000-acre ecologically sustainable rainforest timber system. Las Casas is now an auxiliary National Forest and its methods are studied by many with interest in rainforest conservation.

1981 Director and New Projects Consultant, Decisions Team Ltd., Hong Kong, and Decisions Team Inc., U.S.A (1984), an international and space projects design, implementation, and management company. Since 1994, Decisions Team restricts its business to owning a substantial percentage in future Biosphere 2 profit flows.

1978 Chairman and co-founder of Biospheric Design, Inc., (formerly Sarbid, Ltd., London), and in charge of Ecoscapes. Prime contractor plus design and architecture of Biosphere 2, Arizona; Caravan of Dreams Performing Arts Center, Fort Worth, Tx.; Savannah Systems Australian outback station; Project Llano, Santa Fe, Hotel Vajra, Kathmandu. Design and project management company for ecological closed life systems and large-scale sustainable co-evolutionary design.

1978 Co-founder and consultant to Savannah Systems, Pty., near Derby, West Australia in design and operation of an ecologically sustainable 5000-acre savannah grass seed production operation. Savannah Systems operates a horsemanship and ecological studies program.

1978 - 1994 Conceiver, co-founder, and consultant to Vajra Hotel on landscaping, cultural activities, and business, Katmandu, Nepal. Vajra Hotel is a successful business designed for interfacing East-West cultures and North-South economics and ecological problems. Consulted start-ups of major Tibetan rug company.

1978 Conceiver of, co-founder, and consultant on city gardening and cultural activities to October Gallery, London, United Kingdom, an international and intercultural art gallery . Its Transvangardia and well-recognized major shows include artists from Nigeria, Ghana, Benin, Tibet, Mongolia,Latin America, Caribbean nations, Jordan, India, China, and Haiti, and South Africa. The October Gallery has played a leading role in breaking down barriers for fine artists from remote regions of the planet to show in London and has pioneered special educational programs for school children.

1977 - 1988 Consultant on Quanbum Downs savannah ecology, a 300,000 acre station on the Fitzroy River near Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia, well-known for its horse breeding for the Topics.

1976 Consultant and co-founder, Les Marronniers, Aix-en-Provence, an experimental farm in development of ecological and sustainable agriculture in the Mediterranean biome. Les Marronniers has also become a summer meeting place for creative groups.

1974 Co-founder and consultant to Tropic Seas Research, owner of the R.V. Heraclitus specializing as support ship in studies of origins and future of cultures, coral reef, mangrove, beach ecology, and parameters of ecotourism, especially waste recycle. The Heraclitus, conceptually designed by Allen in 1973, has sailed over 200,000 nautical miles around-the-world, up-the- Amazon, and to the Antarctic.

1974 - 1978 Consultant to Synopco, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Architectural company. Consultant on landscaping, ecological systems, overall business organization. Synopco built Project Llano, a landscaped condominium of 31 adobe houses in central Santa Fe, re-introducing adobe into the Santa Fe scene.

1974-1992 Personal Advisor to Edward Perry Bass. Mentor to him in speaking; in Mideastern, West African, Nepali, Indian, Mexican, Indonesian, Russian and West European cultures on several expeditions: drew up, with Margret Augustine, program for development in downtown Forth Worth properties resulting in being awarded an Honorary Citizen of Fort Worth; and drawing up, with Mr. Bass, the charter for Yale Institute of Biospherics; a study on rhinoceros in Nepal as part of a total ecosystem; on his directorship in WWF.

1974 Co-convenor of the Institute of Ecotechnic's multi-disciplinary international conferences of scientists and thinkers on the following themes: Upper Rio Grande, 1974; World Deserts, 1975; World Ocean, 1976; World Transition Zone, 1977; World Mountains, 1978; World Rainforests, 1979; Planet Earth, 1980; The Solar System, 1981; The Galaxy, 1982; The Cosmos, 1983; The Biosphere, 1984; the first International Conference on Biospheric Systems at the Royal Society in 1987, the second Int'l Conference on Biospheric Systems at Krasnoyarsk, Siberia in 1989, the third conference at the Biosphere 2 site in 1992, and the fourth at the Linnean Society of London in 1996. The Biosphere, 1997 and the Future, 1998, Experimental Metaphysics in ’99, and Exploration in 2000. The 1978 conference was co-sponsored by the U.N. Man and The Biosphere and Tribhuvan University, Nepal, and the 1979 Conference by the U.N. Man and The Biosphere and the University of Penang.

1973 Co-founder, Fellow and Director of and consultant on total systems operations, Institute of Ecotechnics (I.E.), a UK limited company, London. International ecological development institute, non-salaried. Helped design two research ships, R.V. Heraclitus and R.V. Whale. I.E., a part owner of Decisions Investment, Inc, which now owns the major interest in the Biosphere 2 project, also develops eco-training programs for youth, and organizes international conferences on areas dealing with ecological and other complex systems.

1973-1980 Helped found PROJECT TIBET, headed by Paljor Thondup, Santa Fe, New Mexico, a Tibetan refugee to work with Tibetan peoples' problems. Now an outstanding Tibetan relief organization operating in USA, Nepal, and Tibet.

1966 - 1974 Chief Metallurgist to Meadow Gold, Inc. Specialist in Platinum group, Gold, Silver, Copper. Developed special extraction procedures for Pt group.

1969 - 1974 General Manager, Synergia Ranch, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Managed a ranch which leased space to architectural, theatrical, and artisan enterprises, conducted anti-desertification work, developed the practice of ecotechnics, balancing ecology and technics, and on the theory of biospherics, specializing on the level of biomes. Also developed special ecologically sustainable agricultural systems, one of which was used in Biosphere 2, high production and sustainable yield, and performed research in solar and wind energy.

1966 Co-producer and dramaturge, Theater of All Possibilities (TAP), whose owner-director, Kathelin Hoffman Gray from, from 1993 to 1995 also managed Texas Stage, a non-profit corporation at Caravan of Dreams, Fort Worth, Texas. TAP's advisory board also included William Burroughs and Godfrey Reggio. TAP productions have been staged on every continent. Since 1994,"Johnny and the Dolphins" poetry and performances. Teach TAP acting classes. Since a performance in Bali of “Chronorama” in 1999 have been developing and performing this production with Kathelin Gray, based on the subjective nature of time.

1964 - 1965 Management Consultant for Project Concern. In the field at Project Concern at Ward Dalat, South Viet Nam for three months. Reorganized this international medical relief organization, created by Dr. Jim Turpin, which also worked in Mexico, and also in field with Hong Kong refugees with the sea community known as the 'junk people'.

1965 Accredited by Military Assistance Command to cover the training, advisory, and support activities of US forces in Vietnam. In Can Tho, Soc Trang, and Dam Pao areas.

1963 - 1966 President, Mountain and Manhattan Inc., New York. Discovered, leased and developed a 200 million ton coal property.

1963 - 1965 Self-financed a twenty-one month around-the-planet trip by land and sea through North Africa, up the Nile and down to Bulawayo, across India, Nepal, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam (1/2 year visiting twenty-three provinces), the Philippines, Japan, and U.S.A -- to study different cultures and their relation to history and the biosphere. Also, began a continuing search into origins, presents, and futures of humanity and its cultures.

1962 - 1966 President, Connecticut Valley Chemicals Corporation. Developing special hydrazine-based patented fluxes for high-tech fine soldering and brazing.

1961 - 1963 Assistant to the Vice-President for Development and Resources Corporation, David Lilienthal's New York corporation conducting regional development projects modeled on the TVA, in Iran and the Ivory Coast. Also responsible for major coal deposits exploration and discoveries, contracting with Colorado School of Mines Research Foundation for staff and research assistance.

1959 - 1960 Department Head of Uravan Mill Nuclear Corporation, Union Carbide of the crushing and leaching 1,000 tpd plant. Uranium-vanadium separations from ore.

1957 - 1959 Senior Metallurgist, Allegheny-Ludlum Steel Corporation. Specialist in developing beryllium, ziconium, stainless, precipitation-hardening steels, and copper-clad stainless. Produced several commercial alloys for the first time.

1956 Summer research, Battelle Research Institute. Nickel ores.

1951 - 1952 Secretary, Anti-Discrimination Committee, UPWA-CIO, District 10, Chicago. Factory worker in the packing houses. Helped organize and lead march to save Willie McGee in Chicago, 1952. Special meetings with Paul Robeson and W.E.B. DuBois.

1950 Soft fruit farm owner, Yakima, Washington. (Pears, cherries, apricots)


2000 Advisory Board, Human Centered Design Project, Life Design Center, Stagaya Community Foundation, Tokyo, Japan. Sachiko Uozumi is CEO and Chief Designer.


1952 - 1953 U.S. Army, Engineer Corps, Machinist. Honorable discharge. Sharpshooter and

good conduct medals.


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Trilogy of the 60s

Dolphin, Johnny, Liberated Space, Synergetic Press 2000. (#3)

Dolphin, Johnny, Journey Around An Extraordinary Planet, Synergetic Press, London/Tucson 1990. (#2)

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Some in collaboration with Kathelin Hoffman Gray and others:

"Tamarand", "Faust" (adaptation), "McNeckels Folly", "Marouf the Cobbler’, “Gilgamesh" (adaptation), "The Tin Can Man", "The Guru", "Oedipus at Colonus" (adaptation), "Life is a Dream" (adaptation), "Metal Woman", "Billy the Kid", "Cyberspace I", "Cyberspace II", "Milarepa" (adaptation), and "Deconstruction of the Countdown", a play adapted with William Burrough’s approval from his writings. Some of these plays were published in The Collected Works of the Caravan of Dreams Theater Volumes I and 11, Synergetic Press, London/Tucson, 1983/84.

"Deconstruction of the Countdown: A Space Age Mythology" was published in abridged form in Poetry London Apple Magazine, No. 2, Editor: Tambimuttu, Editions Poetry London, London, 1982.


1993 Conceptual and visual design consultant for multi-media CD-ROM Biosphere 2.- Life, Earth, Space and Technology by IBM’s Multi-Media Publishing group with Paul Evans and Francesca Scalpi.

1987 Creative consultant, prize-winning film Omette: Made in America, based on the life of jazz musician Ornette Coleman, Caravan of Dreams Productions, Fort Worth.

1987 Documentary film producer and narrator, Joumeys to Other Worlds, a series of eleven cultural documentary films, Caravan of Dreams Productions in cooperation with Zagreb Television, Yugoslavia

1986 Documentary film producer, prize-winning film, Dark Planet, Caravan of Dreams Productions in cooperation with Zagreb Television, Yugoslavia.


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