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Çağan Hakkı Şekercioğlu

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Dr. Çağan Hakkı Şekercioğlu

Çağan H. Şekercioğlu, Ph.D. 

Center for Conservation Biology · Stanford University · Stanford, CA 94305-5020 · USA
Tel: (1) 650 724 0510 · E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it · Web: www.sekercioglu.org 



Avian ecology, climate change, community-based conservation, conservation finance, ecosystem services, ecotourism, entomology, landscape ecology, ornithology, primatology, tropical ecology

Çağan Şekercioğlu ve kızılşahin



Stanford University, Department of Biological Sciences, Stanford, USA 1998-2003

Ph.D. in Biological Sciences, Ecology & Evolution program, August 2003

Harvard University, Cambridge, USA 1993-1997

B.A. in Biology, magna cum laude

B.A. in Anthropology, magna cum laude

Robert College, Istanbul, TURKEY 1986-1993

Graduated with highest honors



Stanford University Department of Biological Sciences 2006-Present

Senior research scientist in ecology, conservation biology, and ornithology

Stanford University Center for Conservation Biology 2003-2006

Research fellow

Photographer and writer  1996-Present

Specializing in natural history, wildlife, landscape, and travel. Portfolio: http://www.naturalphotos.com/. Sample articles: www.stanford.edu/~cagan/popular%2520writings.html

Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology, Entomology Department 1994-1995

Curatorial assistant. Sorted Coleoptera. Inventoried Carabidae and Scarabideae families.

Aga Khan University, East Africa 2009-Present

Consultant in bird ecology, conservation, environmental education, and habitat restoration

Turkey Ministry of Environment and Forestry 2009-Present

Consultant in conservation, ecology, wildlife biology, and ecotourism

National Geographic Society 2007-Present

Scientific consultant for books, grants, and wildlife documentaries

TEMA and Doga Dernegi - Turkish environmental NGOs 2003-Present Ecotourism consultant

Environmental science consultant to the Turkish media 1996-Present



Thesis committees

Lochran Traill, Ph.D. thesis, Adelaide University, Australia 2008-2009

E. Coban, U. Durdu, S. Inak, Y. Sasmaz. M.Sc. theses, Kafkas University, Turkey 2007-2009

Griselda Quijano Manilla, B.S.thesis, Instituto Teconologico de Huejutla, Mexico 2007-2008

Melissa J. Fullwood undergraduate honors thesis, Stanford University, USA (advisor) 2004-2005

Kafkas University, Kars, Turkey 2005-2009

Instructor in field ornithology. Designed the course, obtained funding, gave lectures, arranged logistics, led field trips, established a banding station, and taught bird study techniques.

Ethiopia 2006-2009

Director of the Ethiopia Bird Education Project that teaches bird watching and bird conservation, and builds student capacity in ornithological research techniques, such as bird banding.

Stanford University, Department of Biological Sciences

-Co-instructor for “Ornithology”. Gave lectures, arranged class logistics, led field trips, designed the research project, wrote the exams, and graded papers. Spring 2002.

-Sole teaching assistant for “Conservation Biology”. Gave lectures, arranged class logistics, led field trips, wrote exam questions, and graded papers. Winter 2000.

-Teaching assistant for introductory biology course “Ecology, Evolution, and Genetics”. Led discussion sections, conducted review sessions, designed, and graded examinations. Fall 1998.

Robert College, Istanbul, Turkey 1992, 1993

Summer school science teacher and athletics instructor for grades 1-9



Born Free Foundation grant for mammal conservation 2009

Whitley Fund for Nature grant wetland conservation 2008-2010

Christensen Fund Conservation Science Fellowship 2006-2010

Christensen Fund grants for bio-cultural conservation and education (5 grants) 2004-2011

National Geographic Society research and exploration grant 2004, 2008

Conservation Leadership Programme conservation grant (advisor) 2008

UNDP GEF Small Grants for the Kars-Igdir Biodiversity Project (2 grants) 2007

Raffles Museum Fellowship of National University of Singapore 2005

Wildlife Conservation Society research fellowship 2004

Center for Latin American Studies research grant 2002

Stanford University Bing research grant 1999, 2000

Yapi Kredi Bank of Turkey writing grant 1998

Dr. Walter Loewenstern doctoral fellowship 1998-2003

Sigma Xi grants-in-aid of research 1996, 1999

The Explorers Club youth activities grant 1996

Harvard University undergraduate research grant 1996

Goelet Fund research award 1996

Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory AMAX student scholarship 1995

Harvard College Honorary Scholarship and Dean's List 1994-1997



Elected International Fellow of the Explorers Club 2009

Invited to appear in Who’s Who in America 2009

“Ambassador” of the Whitley Fund for Nature 2009

University of Kent Honorary Researcher 2009

Official commendation by the President of Turkey, Abdullah Gul 2008

Commendatory plaque from the governor for service to Kars, Turkey 2008

Whitley Gold Award 2008

Whitley Award donated by William Brake Charitable Trust 2008

Promoted to full member of Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society 2007

Japanese government travel award, 2nd Biology of Extinction Conference 2006

BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Contest, semi-finalist (six photos) 2006, 2009

Visiting scholar, National University of Singapore 2005

Junior Chamber of Turkey award for environmental and moral leadership 2003

Elected one of the top 100 academics of Turkey by Aktuel magazine 2001

Elected to The Explorers Club 1999

Elected as student member to Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society 1997

Summa cum laude for Harvard University honors thesis 1997

Turkish government scientific achievement award 1993

Silver medal in the fourth International Biology Olympics, Utrecht 1993



Editorial board

Avian Conservation and Ecology


Endangered Species Research

Hacettepe Journal of Biology and Chemistry

Open Journal of Ornithology

Tropical Conservation Science

Harvard Journal of Undergraduate Sciences Anthropology and Biology editor 1995-1997



1-Acta Oecologica

2-Agricultural Ecosystems & Environment


4-Animal Conservation

5-Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences

6-Austral Ecology

7-Avian Conservation and Ecology

8-Biodiversity Conservation

9-Biological Conservation

10- Biotropica

11-Climatic Change


13-Conservation Biology

14-Conservation Letters

15-Current Biology

16-Diversity and Distributions



19-Ecology Letters


21-Endangered Species Research

22-Environmental Conservation

23-Forest Ecology and Management

24-Hacettepe Journal Biology


26-Journal Nature Conservation

27-International Journal Environment and Pollution

28-Journal Animal Ecology

29-Journal of Applied Ecology

30-Journal of Biogeography

31-Journal of Community Ecology

32-Journal for Nature Conservation

33-Journal of Sustainable Tourism

34-Journal of Tropical Ecology

35-Landscape and Urban Planning

36-Open Journal Ornithology

37-Ornitologia Colombiana

38-Ornitologia Neotropical


40-Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA (PNAS)

41-Quarterly Review of Biology

42-Proceedings of the Royal Society Biological Sciences (B)

43-Raffles Bulletin of Zoology

44-Restoration Ecology


46-Studies in Avian Biology

47-The Auk

48-Tropical Conservation Science


Scientific book reviewer

1-CABI Publishing

2-Cornell University Press

3-CRC Press

4-Institute for Ecosystem Studies

5-Oxford University Press

6-University of Chicago Press


Scientific grant reviewer

1-Conservation Leadership Program

2-Ingiltere Rural and Land Use Programme

3-Lincoln Park Society Grants

4-National Geographic Grants

5-USA National Science Foundation

6-Rolex Awards

7-Yeni Zelanda Marsden Research Fund

8-ΣΔΕ Graduate Women in Science Fellowships



Founder and president of the NGO KuzeyDoga Society (www.kuzeydoga.org) 2007-Present

Founder and president of environmental NGO Nature Turkiye Foundation 2009-Present

Co-founder and vice-president of the NGO Yer Gok Anadolu 2006-2009

Co-founder and president of the NGO Anatolia Foundation 2006-2009

Society for Conservation Biology European Section, Board of Directors 2004-2007

Designed and led the first Turkish birdwatching tour (turkishbirding.com) 2003-2005

Coordinator of locally-based and non-profit wildlife tourism in Turkey 2003-Present

Stanford University/City of Palo Alto Mountain Lion Task Force 2004-2005

Stanford University Ecology & Evolution Graduate Applications Committee 2001-2002

Stanford University Ecology & Evolution Interviews & Orientation Committee 1999-2000

Yelkovan-Ornithological Journal of Turkey founder and associate editor 1998-Present

Anthropology and Biology editor, Harvard Journal of Undergraduate Sciences 1995-1997 Founder and president, Harvard Nature Photography Society 1995-1997

President, Harvard Turkish Students Association 1994-1996



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American Ornithologists Union (nominated an elective member), BirdLife International, Ecological Society of America, Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society (by nomination and elected full member), The Association of Tropical Biology and Conservation, The Explorers Club (nominated a member (1999) and international fellow (2008)), The Society for Conservation Biology (board member and membership chair of European section 2004-2007)



Integrating Turkish scientists into European conservation (Symposium organizer) 2006

Intermediate-level workshop on mark-recapture data analysis using MARK (Participant) 2006

NCEAS Working Group on Conservation in Mesoamerican Countryside (Invited) 2005

Stanford University Workshop on Conservation & Ecotourism (Organizer) 2005

Stanford University Workshop on Conservation Finance (Invited) 2004

Bird conservation in agricultural lands

International Ornithology Congress, CD Jordao, Brazil (Symposium keynote speaker) 2010

Population dynamics of tropical forest birds

Association for Tropical Biology, Paramaribo, Suriname (Invited symposium speaker) 2008

University of California, Berkeley, California (Invited) 2008

Ecological Society of America meeting, San Jose, California 2008

Elevational limits, climate change, and avian extinctions

Tulane University, New Orleans (Invited) 2008 University of California, Davis (Invited) 2008

Society for Conservation Biology Conference, Port Elizabeth, South Africa 2007

University of California, Berkeley (Invited) 2006

Second Biology of Extinction Conference, Okazaki, Japan (Invited) 2006

Impacts of birdwatching on human and avian communities

Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society, California (Invited) 2006

Society for Conservation Biology Conference, Brazilía, Brasil 2005

Ecological consequences of bird extinctions

Redwood Sciences Laboratory, USDA Forest Service, Arcata, California (Invited) 2008

National Geographic Society, Washington, DC (Invited) 2008

Harvard University Organismic and Evolutionary Biology Seminar, Cambridge (Invited) 2006

National University of Singapore (Invited) 2005

Persistence of tropical forest birds in Costa Rican countryside

University of New Orleans, New Orleans (Invited) 2008

Humboldt State University, Arcata (Invited) 2008

University of California, San Diego (Invited) 2006

International Ornithological Congress, Hamburg, Germany 2006

Harvard University Museum of Comparative Zoology, Cambridge (Invited) 2006 National University of Singapore (Invited) 2005

University of California, Santa Cruz (Invited) 2004

Cornell University, Ithaca (Invited) 2004

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama (Invited) 2004

Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, University of California, Berkeley (Invited) 2004

2004 Angolan Ornithological Expedition

Redwood Audubon Society, Arcata, California (Invited) 2008

National University of Singapore (Invited) 2005

American Museum of Natural History (Invited) 2004

Cornell University (Invited) 2004

Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society (Invited) 2004

The Explorers Club (Invited) 2004

Integrating avian ecology, conservation, and economics

Cornell University (Invited) 2004

Pescadero Conservation Alliance, California (Invited) 2003

Disappearance of insectivorous birds from tropical forest fragments

Organization for Tropical Studies Symposium, San Jose, Costa Rica 2003

University of Vermont (Invited) 2002

Middle Eastern Technical University, Ankara, Turkey (Invited) 2001

Effects of forest fragmentation on insects and insectivorous birds

Mesoamerican Conservation Biology Conference, Panama City, Panama 2000

Society for Conservation Biology Conference, Missoula, Montana 2000

Ornithology in the tropics

Monterey Audubon Society (Invited) 2000

Vanishing worlds: Research and travels in the tropics

The Explorers Club (Invited) 2000

Effects of forestry practices on the bird community of Kibale Forest, Uganda

Bay Area Conservation Biology Symposium, UC Berkeley 1999

Harvard University, Nuttall Ornithological Club (Invited) 1999

International Ornithological Congress, Durban, South Africa 1998



Las Cruces Biological Station, Costa Rica 6/1999-Present

We have been studying the population dynamics, ecology, behavior, habitat use, diet, breeding success, parasites, and movements of the birds of fragments and agricultural countryside. Worked with 20 local and ten foreign assistants to mist net 50,000+ birds and to collect, measure, and identify 100,000+ insects. We analyzed 735 bird diet samples and radio-tracked 451 birds.

Kars, Igdir, and Ardahan provinces, Turkey 9/2003-Present

At three globally important wetlands, we integrate ecological research on multi-taxa, undertake ecological restoration, environmental education, local capacity building, and income generation. We are working to get official protection and to establish regional biodiversity learning centers.

Rift Valley, Ethiopia 9/2006-Present

I am establishing the Ethiopian bird banding program and comparing shrubland, forest, and coffee plantation bird communities near Arba Minch, Awassa, and Wondo Genet.

Southeast Asia 9/2005-11/2005

As a visiting scholar, I spent over three weeks in the field to study the lowland and montane rainforest bird communities Malaysia, Singapore, and Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Angolan Escarpment Ornithological Expedition, Angola 1/2004

Participated in and documented a three week expedition focused around Caconda, Gabela, Mount

Moco, and Tundavala Important Bird Areas, in search of endemic and threatened bird species.

Stanford Foothills Restoration Project, California 2001-2003

Conducted bird surveys and territory mapping for the restoration project.

Eastern Turkey 6/2001-7/2001

Coordinated a collecting expedition for a Harvard University and University of St. Petersburg project studying the genome evolution and karyotype reorganization of Agrodiaetus butterflies. Guanacaste, Costa Rica 7/2000

Assisted a radio telemetry study of Thamnophilus doliatus and Camplorhynchus rufinucha.

Stanford University Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve, California 2/1999-6/1999

Designed and conducted research on edge effects on the birds and insects of oak woodlands.

Researching the book The Vanishing Africa, sub-equatorial Africa 5/1998-9/1998

Conducted research and photography in eleven African countries including Madagascar for the book The Vanishing Africa, sponsored by the Yapi Kredi Bank of Turkey.

Pre-doctoral research, Amazon basin, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia 9/1997-2/1998

Conducted pilot studies for doctoral research in Madidi, Manu, and Yasuni National Parks.

Research assistant for the USGS National Biological Survey, Alaska 6/1997-8/1997

Conducted bird counts, nest monitoring, nest searches, and vegetation surveys in Wrangell-St

Elias National Park. Received training in the use of heavy firearms for protection from bears.

Honors thesis research, Kibale Forest, Uganda 6/1996-8/1996

Designed and conducted research on effects of forestry practices on forest birds. Assisted by a local assistant, completed 500+ hours of bird counts, mist netting, and vegetation surveys.

Center for Rainforest Studies, Atherton Tablelands, Australia 9/1995-12/1995

Designed and conducted research on rainforest avian diversity in forest fragments and vegetation corridors with point counts and mist netting.

Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory, Colorado 6/1995-8/1995

Designed and conducted research projects on the foraging success of Falco sparverius in modified and natural habitats, and on effects of avalanche/cattle disturbance on insect diversity.

Merida state, Venezuela 1/1995

For Harvard tropical ecology graduate course, designed and conducted short-term projects on the foraging behavior of Coeligena torquata and on the impact of grazing on Espeletia timotensis.

Bird survey volunteer, Turkish Society for the Protection of Nature, Turkey 1992-1996



Certified Ecologist, Ecological Society of America

English: Excellent (TOEFL 120/120, GRE Verbal:770/880). Spanish: Fluent. Turkish: Native.

Advanced computer skills

Professional photography skills

Documentary filming skills. Contributor National Geographic Wild Chronicles documentaries.

Car and motorcycle driving license since 1997

Experienced in 4WD driving in the tropics since 1998

PADI advanced SCUBA diving certification since 1995

Wilderness First Aid certification in 2003

Technical rock and mountain climbing experience up to 6300 meters above sea level



Since 1996, I have published over three hundred photographs in various books, annual reports, calendars, catalogs, faculty books, newsletters, newspapers, official web sites (e.g. National Wildlife Federation, Science, Voice of America), and journals such as American Scientist, Atlas, Birding, Bay Nature, Coast & Ocean, Discover, Ecology Letters, Living Bird, National Geographic Traveler Turkey, and Shutterbug. Various interviews and news pieces on my research have appeared in about 400 media outlets in over 50 countries, including in BBC, National Geographic, Conservation in Practice, Nature, Science, ABC News, American Scientist, Associated Press, Atlas, Bloomberg, California Wild, Cameroon Times, CBS News, Chicago Tribune, China View, CNN, Conservation, Der Spiegel, Discover, LA Times, Le Figaro, MSNBC, New York Post, New Zealand Herald, NPR, Reuters, San Francisco Chronicle, Science News, Terra Mexico, The Australian, The Hindu, The Malaysia Star, TNC Magazine, The Times, UPI, USA Today, Voice of America, Washington Post, Wired, and Yahoo News.


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