Green Infrastructure in Quezon City


Implementing Rules and Regulation for Green Infrastructure

The Implementing Rules and Regulation, Part 1 (IRR-1) for Green Infrastructures in pursuant to Section 24 of SP 1917 S-2009 - "An Ordinance Requiring the Design, Construction or Retrofitting of Buildings, Other Structures and Movable Properties to Meet Minimum Standards of a Green Infrastructure, Providing Incentives thereof and for Other Purposes" also known as the "Green Building Ordinance of 2009". (click on the links below for full text)


green_building_cover_thumbImplementing Rules and Regulation (full text)

Annex A (Inspection and Evaluation Procedures)

Annex B (Green Building Rating System)

Annex C (Standard Certification Issuance)

Annex D (Preliminary Application Form for Green Bldg.)

Annex E (Preliminary Ammendment Application Form for Green Bldg.)

Annex F (Final Application Form for Green Bldg.)

Annex G (Minimum Standards, Prohibited Acts and Penal Provisions)

Annex I (ORDINANCE NO. SP-1940 SERIES 2009)